Persian blue salt export center

persian blue salt

Persian Blue Salt Export Center, Halito rock salt company, is the most specialized group supplying and exporting persian blue salt, The Halito group shopping and Exporting Center has always supplied persian blue salt for supply.

Persian Blue salt

The Iranian blue salt, known as Persian Blue Salt, is the world’s The most rare and most expensive salt.

China, known for its similarity in all fields Until now, it has not been able to offer a similar product.

persian blue salt

The main reason for this is the brand of persian blue salt globally, Because blue salt belongs to any place other than Iran, it does not matter.

The Iranian blue salt is found in two regions, the most famous of which are Semnan and Garmsar.

persian blue salt



Of course, the blue salt that everyone is looking for belongs to Garmsar, and the salt water of Semnan is not very expensive.

The following is a description of the difference between the blue salt of Semnan and Garmsar.

Semnan blue salt

On many web sites Semnan blue salt is known as the most famous Iranian export blue of salt in Iran and while this is a common mistake.

Semnan blue salt has good sugar content and it’s not crystallized, Because of its characteristic crystalline blue salt crystals.

persian blue salt

Garmsar blue salt

The Garmsar blue salt is originally the same as the salt of blue salt which is known globally and all international traders are calling for it.

Garmsar Blue Crystal Crystals they have a very high potassium content and a great deal of nutritional value.

persian blue salt

Persian blue salt export center

If you also want to buy blue rock salt it is good to know that the Halito Group is highly specialized in supplying and exporting blue salt.

Our company has at all times supplied salt rock salt to supply, But you need to know that you have 20 kilos of blue rock salt easily equates to 25 tons of different salts.

persian blue salt

If you are looking for a certain amount of blue rock salt, call the Halito Shopping Center.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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