Blue rock salt and Persian blue salt supplier

Blue rock salt

Blue rock salt and Persian blue salt supplier, blue rock salt monthly capacity is around 250 kg depend on low, mid or full color and persian blue salt monthly 5 to 10 thousand kilogram has capacity.

Blue salt is one of the world-renowned rock salts, and the only place of its discovery is in our dear country, in the heart of Garmsar mines, located in Semnan province. Due to the presence of small amounts of this type of rock salt in the heart of these mines, it is more correct to use the word exploration instead of extraction. In this article, we answer this question in detail, what is blue salt? What are its features and properties? And what are its uses?

Blue rock salt

What is blue salt?

Although rock salts are mostly white or colorless, there are also red, orange, pink, green, and jaggery (Himalayan) rock salts. The reason for such a variety of colors is the type and amount of elements in them.

For example, the abundance of iron element in the texture of a rock salt causes red or orange colored rock salt to appear. Another type of colored rock salt is blue salt or Iranian blue salt rock. But what is the reason for this blue salt color? The presence of a large amount of potassium in it is the reason for its blue color.

Due to the fact that Garmsar mines located in Semnan province are the only mines in the world that have such rock salt, Garmsar blue salt is known as Persian blue salt in different countries. Regarding blue salt, it should be said that due to the presence of small amounts and accidental finding of traces of it in rock salt mines, it is more correct to use the word exploration instead of extraction.

Blue rock salt

Iranian blue rock salt: properties and constituent elements

Special attention is paid to the use of water salt as edible salt. But what is the reason for paying attention to the edible aspect of blue salt? The useful elements found in the texture of Iranian blue salt rock have caused enough attention to be paid to its edible aspect:

1- Potassium
Potassium, as the dominant element in blue salt, can be very useful in reducing nervous pressure due to its effect in improving the quality of blood circulation and the way muscles and muscles work.

2- Calcium
Calcium plays an important role in the growth and strengthening of the body’s bones and having a skeleton resistant to fragility, of which blue salt has a significant amount.

3- Magnesium
The third component of blue salt is magnesium, which plays an essential role in maintaining teeth and relieving thigh and arm muscle fatigue.

Blue rock salt

Application and uses of blue salt

Blue salt has a relatively high price compared to other types of salt. But what is the reason for this high price of blue salt? As mentioned, the amount of water salt extraction from Garmsar salt mines is low. So that this amount can only reach 100 tons annually, while as an example, red salt rock extraction is 10 thousand tons per year.
For this reason, blue salt has a higher price than other rock salts. Of course, it goes without saying that the higher its purity and the more colorful its appearance, the higher its price.
Due to such a price, buyers of blue salt stone are usually people who are in a better situation in terms of financial ability.

Blue rock salt

The use and uses of blue salt in European and American countries are as follows:

1- Cooking and cooking seafood
Few restaurants in Europe or America can be found that do not use blue salt as a food seasoning, especially when cooking seafood.

2- Gathering the collection
The beautiful appearance of Garmsar blue salt easily fascinates collectors. It is important to pay attention to the fact that blue salt cannot be used in the manufacture of decorative salt stone, because of the very small size of its parts.

3- Antidepressant
The presence of large amounts of potassium element in Garmsar blue salt rock, in addition to giving it an attractive and seductive color, is used as an anti-depressant drug in western societies due to its effectiveness in reducing nervous pressure.

Blue rock salt

Blue salt, the main characteristics and how to identify

Taking into account that blue salt is a rare rock salt, one should be careful in this case so as not to introduce the painted salt rock as blue salt. But what are the most important characteristics of blue salt? The main features of original and non-falsified blue salt are:

  • Being transparent and having blue streaks in it (and not absolute blue)
  • The whiteness of crushed blue salt grains

Blue rock salt

In the end, we note that blue rock salt should not be confused with blue salt. Because the elements in them are different from each other and the price of these two products will also be different.

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