Getting to know Persian blue rock salt A to Z

blue rock salt

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One of the types of edible rock salt is blue rock salt, which has a stunning and beautiful blue color. It is interesting to know that this salt is found only in our country Iran and in Iranian mines.

Introduction to rock salt

Rock salt is a mineral and is formed from the combination of two important elements, chlorine and sodium. We know this mineral as halite or natural sodium chloride. Salt rocks are formed in hot, dry and evaporative environments.

When the water of the seas and salty lakes remaining from millions of years ago evaporates in large quantities and the remaining salt is deposited under the soil, the process of rock salt production takes place. Rock salt is usually clear or white, but it may have other colors due to the presence of different substances. For example, pink rock salt contains nacolite. Rock salt has many healing and decorative properties. Among the properties of rock salt are improving digestion, regulating blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, losing weight, eliminating negative energies, and increasing relaxation.

Different types of rock salt are mentioned below:

  • Crystal blue rock salt
  • Edible blue salt
  • Red rock salt
  • Black rock salt
  • White rock salt
  • Crystal rock salt

blue rock salt

What is blue salt?

Blue salt is a kind of edible salt, which is known as one of the best salts in the world due to its rich mineral content. Considering that salt is the most popular food seasoning in the world, doctors always emphasize that different conditions should be considered for its consumption.

The very high quality of Persian blue salt is such that it is known as a luxury salt in different countries. With the advancement of technology and according to the extensive research that has been done on this rock salt, its nutritional value has been well demonstrated and today it is mentioned as a luxury and essential element in restaurants and large stores around the world.

Unlike sea salts, which are extracted from salt ponds, crystal blue salt is a deposit and accumulation, whose crystals were formed in lakes and seas about 250 million years ago. This salt gets its unique color from potassium chloride as a quality mineral. At first glance, many people may think that various artificial compounds have been used on it to create a special appearance. However, you should know that there are no artificial additives in it and the crystalline structure of blue salt is completely natural. This rock salt is obtained from the mines of Semnan mountains and specifically in Garmsar city.

Blue salt, which is known as Persian blue salt in the world, is one of the oldest and rarest salts in the world. Due to the benefits of calcium, magnesium, potassium, this salt has unique medicinal and therapeutic properties. It is interesting to know that this salt is a magical and rare salt and it can only be extracted in the central mountains of Iran. It may be interesting for you that our country, besides being an export center for saffron, pistachios, caviar and carpets, is known as the only country that exports this salt to several large countries.

The blue color and crystals of this salt are completely original and natural and have a special and unique appearance. Due to the high quality of Iran’s blue salt, many of its consumers are looking to buy an original and original product, for this reason, methods for identifying this salt are considered by the importing countries.

Blue rock salt contains useful elements such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, and its blue color is due to the presence of high amounts of potassium in it. Blue salt is used in cooking and especially in cooking sea food and gives a very good taste to food. Due to its rarity and high demand, blue salt has gained a high price and is known in the world as Persian blue salt.

blue rock salt

Applications of blue salt

Blue salt is used as a seasoning for food, especially seafood. It gives the food a special and attractive color and taste. Blue salt has even been considered as one of the options for collecting expensive collections.
Blue salt rock has various properties and uses, some of which are mentioned below.
Blue rock salt can be used as a table salt. This salt contains more minerals and natural elements that exist in the human body and can help strengthen digestive health, blood circulation, electrolyte balance and body purification.
Blue rock salt can be used as a flavoring agent in cooking. This salt increases the flavor and texture of all kinds of food, especially breads, baked goods, salads and cheeses. Also, the beautiful blue color of this salt gives a remarkable charm to the food.
Blue rock salt can be used as a herbal medicine in the treatment of some diseases. This salt has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-thyroid, anti-fever and pain-relieving properties. To use these properties, you can use blue rock salt in the form of solvent, powder, lotion, compress or bath.

blue rock salt

Some properties of Blue salt are:

  • Improving blood circulation and reducing nervous tension with the effect of potassium on muscle and muscle function
  • Strengthening bones and teeth with the help of calcium
  • Relieving muscle fatigue and increasing energy with the properties of magnesium
  • Hemoglobin production and oxygenation to cells with the presence of iron
  • Balance electrolytes and maintain body hydration with sodium chloride

History of salt mining

Rock salt has historically been an economic and strategic resource. Salt is used for food preservation, chemical production, leather industry, medicine and human and animal feed. There have been many wars, revolutions, laws and taxes on salt.

Natural rock salt is produced in two main ways: either from sea water or from rock salt mines. The extraction of salt from sea water is done by transferring the sea water to small pools and separating the salt by evaporation by the heat of the sun. In the second method, rock salt is extracted from underground mines. The creation of rock salt dates back to millions of years ago, when the entire surface of the earth was covered by water and gradually with the evaporation of oceans, seas and lakes, layers of salt were deposited and salt mines were left behind.

Rock salt is found in many countries of the world. The largest producer of salt in the world is China, which produces about 70 million tons per year. In Afghanistan, rock salt has been tasted in Takhar, Helmand, Farsab, Bamyan and Daikondi provinces.

blue rock salt

Semnan blue salt mines

The salt mines of Semnan city are among the tourist attractions and natural resources of the province. Most of Iran’s salt mines are located in the cities of Garmsar, Semnan, Damghan and Shahroud, and they produce the most salt in the country. Semnan salt mines have high purity and various colors and are used for medical, industrial, beauty and decorative purposes. Some of these mines are in the form of salt caves, which are an interesting experience to see. Semnan salt mines also have healing and soothing properties and can help cure many diseases.

Semnan is one of the mining provinces of the country, which has more than 50 active salt mines. Among these mines, the blue salt mine is one of the rarest and most valuable mines that exists only in Iran. Blue salt rock has unique blue veins that are created due to the presence of different mineral elements in its structure.
Semnan blue salt rock has been used as a valuable commodity and money in trade for centuries. To extract this rock salt, heavy and precise drilling operations are necessary, and every year only a few tons of this rock salt are harvested from the mines of Semnan and sold in raw or processed form to the market.

blue rock salt

Where is the blue salt mine?

Blue salt is known as one of the best minerals in the world. Considering that the only mine of this salt for extraction is located in our country, great importance is given to it. The only blue salt mine in the world is located in Semnan province of Iran. It is interesting to know that the method of extracting this salt is such that, like gold extraction, miners have to dig. The duration of drilling the blue salt mine is also very long and it is also known as a difficult and time-consuming process. Huge amounts of rock salt are crushed to get beautiful blue crystals.

Semnan Blue Salt

In addition to the fact that Semnan province is known as an active province in the field of pistachio production, the location of a special salt mine has caused the world market to focus on this province. The only mine where blue salt rock is extracted was located in Semnan province and it is offered to the world with high potassium and unique nutritional value.

blue rock salt

Garmsar blue rock salt

Despite the fact that Garmsar blue salt rock is a unique product for the world, unfortunately, this product is less known in our country. Perhaps, if there are more advertisements in the country about Garmsar blue salt, many people will prefer to consume blue salt due to the very high quality of this product as well as its unique nutritional value.
Exportable blue salt rock is found only in Garmsar city. Even though traces of this salt rock can be found in some nearby cities, none of them will have the quality of Garmsar mine rock salt.

Identification of original blue salt

When it comes to the uniqueness of each product, buyers are undoubtedly very sensitive to buying it. For this reason, the purchase of original blue salt is one of the items that will always be considered by the consumer. Original blue salt can only be purchased from Iran. Considering that the consumption of original water salt can significantly reduce the acidity of food, buying the original and Iranian product will be considered more important than ever.
The salty and delicious taste of the original blue salt helps you experience a more delicate and pleasant taste compared to the existing salts. For this reason, placing it on fish meat and other foods can give you more pleasure to eat. To buy blue salt, try to get your needs from a reliable seller.

blue rock salt

Is blue salt better or pink salt?

As much as blue salt has unique properties, another type of salt called pink salt or Himalayan salt is extracted in Pakistan and Iran. Each of these seasonings has a unique nutritional value, however, Iranian blue salt is known as a unique option for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

Due to the large amount of potassium, calcium and magnesium that this salt brings with it, in addition to regulating blood pressure, this salt helps people to solve some respiratory problems by consuming it. Blue salt is also known as a unique option for increasing body immunity.
On the other hand, pink salt can be known as a complete food for the treatment of underactive thyroid and blood sugar regulation. This salt will help to treat muscle cramps as well as improve digestion and digestion.

In response to the question of whether blue salt is better or pink salt, we can say that the different salts in them will each show their effectiveness to solve many problems of the body.

blue rock salt

What are the benefits of blue rock salt?

Now that you have become familiar with blue salt in general, it is better to explain its therapeutic and medicinal properties to you in detail. Undoubtedly, when it comes to salt, the first people who get involved with it are patients who suffer from high blood pressure.

However, if you suffer from this disease and are interested in using salt on different foods, Iranian blue salt will be the best option for you. This salt helps you to use a unique seasoning on food to deal with blood pressure disease, which is known as silent death. Exactly opposite to other salts that you consume, blue salt will have a good effect on blood pressure balance.

In addition to these items, we can mention the following medicinal and therapeutic properties as other options for using blue salt.

blue rock salt

Preventing muscle spasms

By nourishing the muscles, blue salt prevents them from cramping and relieves the fatigue of the muscles of the human body.

Boosting the immune system

The salts in this salt strengthen the body and fight against all kinds of diseases in the human body. Continuous and regular use of this salt strengthens the immune system of people.

prevent osteoporosis

By delivering significant amounts of these minerals to the body, blue salt prevents osteoporosis and strengthens the body’s bones.

blue rock salt

Antibacterial and antiseptic properties

The combination of mineral blue salt and water helps you have a surprisingly powerful solution against infection and bacteria. The prepared solution has antiseptic and germicidal properties. Among the properties and benefits that this amazing combination brings with it, disinfection of the mouth and teeth, preservation of food and food items, as well as the treatment of throat infection can be mentioned. The findings of modern medical sciences show that the mouth is known as a prone place for the accumulation of bacteria and microbes. For this reason, consuming this salt during or before meals can solve these conditions.

Adjust body balance

The most common cause of electron imbalance in the body is low sodium levels. At first, this may seem strange to you. However, considering that our body produces electricity, we must be able to balance its effect on the body. Electrical activity in the body is vital for muscle coordination. In addition, in order to improve the function of the heart as well as better absorption of liquids in addition to regulating the functioning of the nervous system, creating a balance in this regard will be very important. Considering that many people lose electrolytes in their body due to the use of various drugs or other conditions, the consumption of water salt will play a significant role in regulating the balance of this feature.

blue rock salt

Eliminate breathing problems

The unique benefits of Iranian blue salt do not end with these items. It is interesting to know that today doctors in the world have created large rooms in order to use salt water to provide conditions for patients and people suffering from respiratory problems to solve this problem with the salt therapy method. According to the research conducted in the United States by the Lung Association, salt therapy is considered as a unique solution to solve various problems. This salt is very useful for dry cough.

Blue salt for blood pressure

Doctors always insist that you have high sensitivity when consuming salt. Research conducted by American doctors shows that consuming too much common salt can play a big role in high blood pressure and bring silent death to people.
But it is interesting to know that we have received numerous reports from the customers of the collection that despite having high blood pressure, their blood pressure problems have been resolved after consuming blue rock salt.

blue rock salt

Blue salt compounds

If we take a look at the composition of blue salt, we will notice a unique food and seasoning. The potassium present in this salt helps to improve blood circulation and can play an effective role in reducing nervous pressure. In addition, the calcium present in Iranian blue salt will help to have a strong skeleton and strong bones. The third element that will play an important role in water salt is magnesium. This element is known as a practical option in relieving muscle fatigue and preserving teeth.

blue rock salt

Blue salt nutritional value table

The unique nutritional value of blue salt will be clearly visible due to the benefit of sodium chloride above 99%. In addition, the amount of potassium, sodium and calcium present in this food help you to use a unique mineral to solve many problems of the body. If you are looking for an organic product to regulate body iron, we recommend you to use Iranian blue salt.

blue rock salt

Minerals in blue rock salt

  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • sodium
  • Calcium
  • iron

Other properties of blue salt:

  • Anti-infective and antibacterial properties
  • Treatment of underactive thyroid
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Strong anti-stress tone
  • Sleep regulation
  • Aid in digestion
  • Fix some respiratory problems
  • Useful for oral hygiene

What is the reason for the blue color of blue salt?

If you have ever thought about this position, what causes the color of this salt to change? The attractive blue color of this salt is due to the large amount of potassium chloride in this salt

Where can we buy blue salt?

The unique properties of blue salt as a wonderful mineral have caused many sellers to start selling counterfeit products by taking advantage of the lack of consumer awareness. For this reason, we recommend that you get your needs from a reliable supplier to buy water salt.
In fact, experts will be able to distinguish original and fake water salt. If you are looking to buy blue salt, the Halito rock salt collection will provide you with the highest quality salt due to its experience and expertise in this field.

blue rock salt

To know the price of buying Iranian blue salt, you can contact the experts of the Halito salt collection.

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