Persian blue salt propertis and supply

Persian blue salt

Persian blue salt propertis and supply, Iran blue rock salt local supplier, we can deliver blue rock salt to all over the world.

Blue salt is a type of salt that is known all over the world as persian blue salt. This luxurious and miraculous salt can only be found in the mines of Iran. Maybe until several years ago, no one knew about the properties of this useful substance. But gradually, with the advancement of technology and the discovery of the valuable benefits of this salt, it became known all over the world as Iranian blue salt. Nowadays, a major part of this valuable substance is exported to other countries, and it is an essential and luxury element in all restaurants and stores. It has become the biggest worldwide.
Among the many varieties of rock salt, blue salt is the rarest and most luxurious type of salt that is used in the best restaurants in the world.
Among the wide variety of types of salt, the rarest and most valuable salt is Iranian blue salt. Unlike sea salt that is extracted from salt ponds, Iranian blue salt is an accumulation and sedimentation of crystalline blue salt whose crystals are in It was formed in seas and lakes about 250 million years ago. This rare and valuable blue salt was formed by the evaporation of seas and lakes.
Blue salt gets its blue color from the mineral potassium chloride, which is created in a completely natural way in the crystalline structures of blue salt, and the interesting thing is that its blue color is completely natural and there are no artificial additives such as artificial colors. And its color is a combination of blue salt itself.
Semnan blue salt rock is extracted from the mines and mountains of Semnan province in the north of Iran and specifically in the mountains of this beautiful region.

Persian blue salt

Therapeutic properties of Persian blue salt

Anti-infective and antibacterial properties

The combination of water and mineral water salt creates a very strong and antiseptic solution. The solution made with crystalline blue salt has germicidal and disinfectant properties and has many uses. Among the benefits of this amazing solution are food preservation, mouth and teeth disinfection, throat and cold infection control and treatment, and skin disinfection.
According to the findings of modern medical sciences and ancient medicine, the human mouth is a place of accumulation of all kinds of microbes and bacteria, which are removed and destroyed by consuming salt before and during meals.

Persian blue salt

Regulation of blood pressure with blue salt

Although we have been told many times that salt consumption can play a big role in getting high blood pressure, and doctors always warn us even in low salt consumption. But recently, the results of research conducted by American doctors have proven the opposite of this.
In their new report, doctors and scientists from the University of California, USC, have proven that the potassium in natural salt, especially blue crystal salt, which has a lot of potassium, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, as well as the potassium in salt and other substances. Containing this ion helps to quickly dispose of excess sodium in the body and lower blood pressure levels.

Persian blue salt

Adjusting the balance of the body

Low sodium levels in the body are the most common electrolyte imbalance. It may seem a bit strange at first when we know that our body produces electricity. Consumed salt in the body, which is called an electrolyte, is an ionic compound that is broken into positive and negative electrical charges in water, and then causes the body’s electrical activity. This very vital electrical activity is necessary and vital for body muscle coordination, better heart function, better fluid absorption, excretion and nervous system function.
Usually, people lose electrolytes in the body due to sweating, illness, drug use or other reasons. And this is where the consumption of blue salt plays a great role in regulating the balance of the body.

Anti stress

Studies by American scientists show that consuming the right amount of natural salt, especially blue salt, in stressful and tension-causing conditions, increases the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for creating good feelings and happiness.

Aid in digestion

Saliva (or saliva) is produced and flows from the salivary glands. The more saliva is mixed with food, the faster the food goes down the throat and the faster it is digested. By consuming and entering salt in the mouth, it stimulates the existing glands around the mouth. This speeds up their secretion and produces more saliva. For this reason, it digests and prepares food faster.

Persian blue salt

Fix some respiratory problems

With blue salt, benefiting from the unique benefits of blue salt does not end only with its consumption. Nowadays, large rooms of salt therapy and halotherapy have been created all over the world. In this method, patients who have breathing problems are placed in rooms covered with salt and the patient’s body is covered with natural salt. At this stage, he inhales the air containing salt particles. According to the opinion of the “Lung Association” located in America, there is a famous theory about why and how salt therapy (halotherapy) works. Small particles of salt, when inhaled, transfer water to the respiratory tract and lungs and thin the mucus. This procedure facilitates patients’ dry coughs and improves the patients’ respiratory system.

Persian blue salt

Increase body immunity

Natural salt, especially blue salt, is one of the essential and vital nutrients for the body’s activity, which is necessary and vital for the proper functioning of the brain and the metabolism of the human body. Consumption of natural water salt, which is usually obtained from mineral salt rocks. which is not only harmful to health, but based on the sources and data of old traditional medicine and modern medical data, it acts like a “very strong antidote” in the human body and reduces the risk of suffering from many diseases and illnesses, including heart diseases, It cures kidney, liver and skin.

Other benefits of blue salt include the following:

  • Treatment of neurological problems
  • Control of high blood pressure and low blood pressure
  • Treatment of liver and kidney failure
  • Treatment of cardiovascular problems
  • Improvement and treatment of high and low cholesterol
  • Blood sugar and fat control
  • Treatment of muscle cramps and muscle spasms
  • and treating depression and reducing stress

Persian blue salt

How to prepare and buy Persian blue salt

As the largest supplier and supplier of all kinds of natural salt (pink salt and blue salt, mineral rock salt and crystal salt rock) and other rock salt products such as rock salt lampshades and salt soap, etc. To deliver the best products with the best quality and the most suitable price to the consumers inside Iran and all over the world.

Persian blue salt

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