persian blue salt for sale very rare

persian blue salt for sale

persian blue salt for sale very rare, The purest blue rock salt Send direct from Iran Semnan to all over the world.

What is Blue Salt Rock?

Like other salts found in nature, blue salt contains large amounts of sodium and that’s why it’s called rock salt, but the case that caused the blue extension to be named after this rock salt, it contains potassium.

Potassium in the rock salt caused by the light breakdown that occurs we see this salt blue because after the crushing or meshing of the rock salt, the predominant color of white seems to be one of the cases of detection of blue rock salt. Is.

persian blue salt for sale

You may find it interesting to know for the first time blue salt rock was observed during Alexander’s expedition to Iran and it is mentioned in European books.

Europeans have been familiar with the salt ever since and they are the main buyer and consumer although in other parts of the world in recent years have been consuming this expensive salt.

Blue Salt Mine

Blue rock salt never has a clear mine or place for harvest and no location can be specified and the blue rock salt can be started but so far no blue rock salt has been found in any part of the world except Iran and Semnan province and Garmsar city.

It goes without saying that blue rock salt has been found in various areas Semnan, Neyshabur, Jahrom, Shahroud and Khoy are among these areas but according to the analysis, none of them are as exportable as the tropical blue salt rock and are not known.

persian blue salt for sale

Types of blue rock salt

As mentioned in the preceding paragraph blue salt is found in various cities but the most famous of them are Semnan Blue Salt and Garmsar Blue Salt.

We should also mention counterfeit blue rock salt because whenever there is a profit, there is definitely fraud.

Since blue rock salt is a very scarce principle many profitable individuals produce blue salt but only the out-and-out people are deceived by such things.

persian blue salt for sale

Because if someone has worked blue salt can easily detect fake sex moreover, these types of salts are easily identifiable in the analysis.

persian blue salt for sale

Garmsar blue salt The purest and best kind is blue rock salt worldwide known as Persian Blue Salt and it is extremely rare.

It is interesting to know that the Garmsar blue rock salt also has a qualitative rating the amount of  potassium in salt rock is the main determinant of price.

To get more acquainted with your loved ones with a variety of Garmsar blue rock salt the image below is inserted, In this picture both types of blue salts are originally from Garmsar but you can also identify the difference without looking and analyzing.

persian blue salt for sale

Persian blue salt wholesale

I mean the export of blue rock salt it is the famous blue salt of Garmsar because if the blue salt does not belong to Garmsar, It won’t be worth it.

Rock salt with these properties is very rare and it’s hard to find and they generally have high prices too, and you can never really talk about the exact amount.

persian blue salt for sale

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Original blue salt for export it can be difficult to provide up to three in a year because it’s extremely rare.

Export of blue rock salt

In other parts of the world, Iranian blue salt is known by various names, including:

  • Iranian sapphire
  • Iran blue salt
  • Indigo salt

persian blue salt for sale

There are various names that refer to the blue rock sdlt of Garmsar and because of its scarce and expensive product, Western European countries are generally the main buyers of this salt.

You need the necessary licenses to export this rare and famous rock salt that Halito rock salt company with all the possessions it is possible to send and deliver goods in the destination country.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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