Buy blue rock salt directly from iran

blue rock salt

buy blue rock salt directly from iran, Halito rock salt company sends you the purest blue rock salt in any part of the world. To buy blue rock salt directly from Iran, just contact us.

what is blue rock salt?

One type of salt in the world known as Persian Blue Salt is known it has magical and very strong properties, this salt is not found anywhere in the world and is found only in Iran.

blue rock salt

If you can get the original Blue Salt, you will get more familiar with its amazing properties, Halito rock salt Company based in Garmsar Iran, mining and exports the best and purest blue rock salt.

what is blue salt used for

This question may be posed to you what is the use of blue salt?
In the answer it should be said that the blue salt is very abundant because of the high potassium content
Continuous consumption will make the nerves relax for this reason, blue salt is recommended to people seeking more relaxation.

blue rock salt



On the other hand, blue salt is taken with food as a flavoring a delicious tasting flavor will give you food.

Persian blue salt wholesale

If you are a resident of Europe or the United States, you may have seen the price of blue salt on sites like Amazon for example, blue salt sold on a site by a vendor for every 82 grams for 53$.

This is while these vendors are buying cheap blue salt from Iran at a very cheap price,  in most cases major blue salt buyers can not find the quality type of this salt and buy blue salt without quality.

blue rock salt

If you plan to purchase pure persian blue salt directly from the mine at a reasonable price, please contact us.

Halito rock salt group has the largest rock salt mine in Garmsar and the largest supplier of blue salt in iran, exports this product to the whole world.

rock salt iran

Iran has a lot of rock salt mines the largest rock salt exporter in the Middle East, more than 70 percent of Iran’s rock salt is exported from the Garmsar city, because Garmsar rock salt in addition to its huge volume its quality is also high.

blue rock salt

For example a type of rock salt in the Garmsar mining by Halito rock salt company, which shows a purity of 99.4% in general, white rock salt with this purity is very rare in the world.

The Halito group exports rock salt products to many countries, including India, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Italy , Turkey, Qatar, Oman, Iraq.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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