Top local supplier of crystal Iran blue rock salt

Iran blue rock salt

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Acquaintance with blue rock salt

Blue salt rock is extracted only from Garmsar mines and is world famous. Its color is blue because there is a lot of potassium in it. Due to the presence of useful elements in this rock salt, it has become edible. The rarity of this rock salt has made its price higher than other salts. The original blue rock salt is transparent and there are blue streaks in it and it is not completely blue.

This useful mineral contains elements such as potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium. This salt regulates blood pressure and increases immunity. It is anti-stress and regulates sleep. It regulates the balance of the body and helps digestion. Blue salt is a natural salt that has therapeutic and medicinal properties. The natural and mineral materials that are present in this rock salt have been accumulated in this rock over millions of years.

Iran blue rock salt

How to use blue salt

Blue salt is one of the most famous salts in the world. This rare salt is the purest and cleanest salt in the whole world. Because this salt is obtained from the oceans that dried up about 200 years ago, it is not polluted. Using it for meat, fish and drinks makes them taste great. Many people want to use this salt and the reason is the unique properties of blue salt rock. Since salt is one of the seasonings of food, it has a great value for people, by grinding blue salt rock, it can be used in food.

Its aromatic crystals give a very good taste to food. Blue salt is the best option for cooking seafood because it gives them a very delicious taste. Blue salt should be added to the food at the end of cooking, and to use it in food, it is better if the salt is granular and coarse.

Iran blue rock salt

Export of Iran blue rock salt

Because blue rock salt is rarely mined and there are many countries that buy this product, it always has a high price, which is usually exported to Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and North America.

The export of blue salt rock has many complications and since its extraction is always in short supply, foreign buyers usually order and buy long ago.

Iran blue rock salt

Due to the rarity of this salt, it should be purchased from reputable collections. Although the consumption of this salt is not booming in Iran, it is exported to other countries.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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