Semnan blue salt mine monthly supply of 35 tons

Semnan blue salt

Semnan blue salt mine monthly supply of 35 tons, persian blue salt, Irani salt blue grade A, in 25 kg bag packaing, delivery at destination, europe, canada.

Semnan blue salt mine, monthly supply of 35 tons, in packaged form, providing the necessary documents to export the product to all parts of the world, crystal blue salt, matte blue salt, contact the miner to buy blue salt directly.

What is blue salt?

Semnan blue salt is one of the oldest and rarest salts in the world. This salt is exported to many European countries due to its good properties.

White salt has turned into blue salt due to its high potassium content and exposure to different weather conditions. It should be mentioned that magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium are among the other minerals found in water salt.

In the world, blue salt is extracted only from the mountains of Semnan province. Semnan blue salt has been produced over many years as a result of the drying of the oceans that existed on earth thousands of years ago.

Semnan blue salt is completely naturally formed, that’s why it has high purity and has many customers. Blue salt is hard to extract like gold from rock salt mines. This salt is very clean and no contamination has entered it.

Semnan blue salt

Properties of Blue salt

The most consumption of this type of salt is orally because of the minerals in it. Semnan blue salt is also used to make many medicines. Of course, in some cases, crystalline and broken crystals of blue salt are also used as eye sores.

The presence of potassium and strengthening blood circulation:

This salt has a lot of potassium, that’s why it is blue in color. Potassium can improve blood circulation and thus strengthen the heart.

The presence of calcium and bone strengthening:

Calcium is one of the essential substances to strengthen the bones of the body and prevent arthritis. People can compensate for the lack of calcium in their bodies by consuming water salt.

Presence of magnesium and neurological diseases:

Many nervous pressures, daily stress and sleepless nights are due to lack of magnesium in the body. Magnesium in blue salt is more than other salts, for this reason, the lack of this element in the body can be compensated by consuming blue salt.

Other properties of blue salt include improving lung diseases, digestive problems and strengthening the immune system.

Semnan blue salt

Sale of Semnan blue salt

As mentioned, this salt is very rare, that’s why it has a high price. The amount of annual extraction of this salt from mines is much lower than other salts.

Semnan blue salt

Due to its beauty and high purity, this salt is sold at a high price to countries such as Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, and the Netherlands.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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