Purchase types of blue and pink salt from Iran

iran blue and pink salt

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To buy different types of salt, you must have the necessary information and do it with knowledge. Quality salt does not cause heart diseases and does not increase blood pressure. Salt that does not contain heavy metals and provides useful elements and salts for the body is known as healthy salt. Buying different types of salt is done for different purposes, you can use the information in this article to buy different types of salt.

Familiarity with recrystal salt

To buy different types of salt, it is better to know the different types of salt and their properties well. Recrystallized salt is one of the quality salts that you can buy and consume. In some factories producing salt, the stages of salt production are recrystallized in a vacuum, and the purity of the salt becomes more than 99%. Recrystallized salt has excellent properties and characteristics that place it among quality salts. The recrystallized salt is white in color and its grains are spherical in shape. When producing this type of salt, special processes are carried out. This type of salt is approved by the Ministry of Health and there is a standard seal on its packaging.

iran blue and pink salt

Blue salt crystal

Blue salt crystal is a rare type of mineral salts, the crystals of this salt are blue in color and provide all kinds of useful mineral salts for the body. This type of salt has a beautiful appearance and is highly appreciated, the blue salt crystal is mined in mineral form and at a cost. In Iran, blue salt crystal is extracted from Semnan mountains.

iran blue and pink salt

Iran blue and pink salt

To buy pink salt, the first step is to know it well and to know its properties and characteristics. Pink salt is a type of natural salt with a pink color and is mainly known as Himalayan salt. Pink salt is extracted manually and few processing processes take place in its production. Finally, the obtained product is unrefined and completely natural.

iran blue and pink salt

Like table salt, pink salt is usually made of sodium chloride, but due to the natural process of extracting Himalayan salt, many rare minerals remain in it. Pink salt was first mined from the Himalayan mountains and therefore is still sold under the name Himalayan salt. Pink salt increases bone strength and power, reduces skin wrinkles, treats underactive thyroid, and is effective in balancing body weight by improving digestion and food digestion.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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