Purchase of blue salt for export from Iran

blue salt for export

Purchase of blue salt for export from Iran, purchase iran blue salt from local supplier, persian blue salt monthly 5 tons capacity.

Purchase of blue salt exported from Semnan, the possibility of supply and packaging in 20 kg bags and 1 kg envelopes, export to all over the world 25 tons per month.

Where is the blue salt mine?

Buying blue salt has become an attractive topic for many people due to its characteristics and importance. It is better to first talk about the blue salt mine in our country and then review its features and benefits together. The most famous blue salt mine in our country is currently located 48 km southeast of Semnan. Of course, besides Semnan, there are also blue salt mines in Garmsar city. The minerals found in the Malha salt mine in Darsemnan have a purity of 98%. The water salt that is extracted from these mines is offered in the market in two forms, fish and sugar, each of which has its own properties and characteristics. The benefits of these salts are unlikely to be found in any other product.

blue salt for export

Properties of Iran blue salt

Buying Garmsar blue salt will make you benefit from its unique benefits. We will examine the most important properties of this water salt together:

  • Garmsar blue salt provides you with very good minerals and nutrients. In fact, the consumption of this salt makes your body able to provide part of its needs in the best way.
  • The human body needs various substances for its proper functioning. If you use the water salt extracted in Garmsar, you can add rich sources of calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium to your body. Having rich sources of iron and calcium is necessary for the proper functioning of your body.
  • One of the very important properties of Garmsar blue salt is that it reduces the acidity of food. In fact, because of the strong and lemony notes in this salt, it has the ability to acidify food.

blue salt for export

The best salt for blood pressure

One of the rarest rock salts in the world and full of useful properties is blue salt. The best water salt in the world is extracted in the mines of our country. However, it is better to use the term exploration instead of extraction for this blue salt because the process of extracting this rock salt is very difficult and rare.

Of course, water salt is extremely useful for controlling blood pressure. One of the attractive features of salt is its mystical blue color, which is the result of the refraction of light from salt crystals. People who want to use this salt due to high blood pressure should not worry about its aroma. The sharp taste and mild aroma of this product help to make the taste more enjoyable and make the food more attractive to you. In other words, this salt has both therapeutic properties for blood pressure and it has a good taste that will not prevent you from eating it.

blue salt for export

What are the benefits of blue salt for the skin?

Blue salt and its use can bring extraordinary properties to your skin that you will probably see less in other salts. With the help of blue salt, you remove bacteria and germs from your skin and improve its health compared to the past. On the other hand, using blue salt is extremely useful for dealing with diseases such as eczema and acne.

If you notice swelling, inflammation and any other problem in your skin, you can solve the problem by using blue salt. Recently, it has been proven that salt is also useful for exfoliating the skin and you can use it for this purpose as well. In general, for most diseases and skin problems, blue salt has very good benefits that justify its use. With the help of blue salt, you will have more attractive and fresh skin in the future, which will make your life more cheerful.

blue salt for export

Selling blue salt in Tehran

You can buy blue salt in different cities of the country. Of course, because blue salt rock is an expensive and rare product, it is easier to get it in a big city like Tehran than in other cities. It is better for people who live in Tehran and other cities to go to the capital to get the water salt they need and look to buy the salt they need through the salt markets there.

Of course, you should be careful that the products available in Tehran metropolis are diverse in terms of price and quality, and you should look for the most ideal product. Also, be careful that the water salt that is available to you in Tehran is not fake and be sure to buy the real product. Counterfeit products lack quality and will not be of any benefit to you.

blue salt for export

Blue salt in traditional medicine

Buying blue salt and using it has not been proven by modern science and traditional medicine has strongly recommended its use in food. It is interesting to know that the consumption of salt and how to use it is highly recommended in Islam, and from the words of the Prophet and religious elders, we can understand that blue salt has many properties for the human body. The Messenger of God (pbuh) strongly advised Imam Ali (a.s.) to eat his food with salt because it cures 70 diseases. Of course, many hadiths are not only related to the consumption of water salt and generally recommend the consumption of natural salt.

In traditional medicine, salt is suitable for hot and dry nature and disinfects food and brings it into the body healthy. In traditional medicine, it is emphasized that pure salt repels wind and destroys intestinal and stomach worms. Traditional medicine emphasizes that consuming this salt protects your body from many dangerous diseases.

blue salt for export

How to use blue salt

Naturally, after buying blue salt, you will also have the question of how to use it. Considering that blue salts are coarse and granular, you cannot use them like other salts. It is better to add blue salt to the ingredients in the cooking container at the end of cooking.

Note that blue salt contains natural iodine. For this reason, if you put it in high heat, it may lose its natural iodine. Maybe this is one of the reasons why this salt is added in the last moments of cooking. Also, pay attention to the fact that blue salt, due to its very good properties, is sold in fine or powdered form in addition to its natural and coarse form.

blue salt for export

Properties of pink salt for thyroid

Another type of natural salt that has a pink color is known as pink salt and has many properties in thyroid treatment. We review the most important properties of this salt for thyroid treatment:

  • One of the very good properties of pink salt for the thyroid is to eliminate iodine deficiency in the body. For people who have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, using pink salt can greatly help their treatment.
  • Pink salt is rich in sources of sodium and potassium, which can help the hormonal balance of the body and improve it. As you know better, thyroid is a type of hormone in the body, and consuming pink salt will have a very good effect on the balance of this hormone.
  • Another very good feature of pink salt that we should mention is that it helps the digestive system to digest food better. Note that the better your body has a digestive system and digests food better and healthier, the better your thyroid will be. In this way, by consuming pink salt, your body will function better in eliminating food and you will have a healthy thyroid.

blue salt for export

Is blue salt good for thyroid?

Blue rock salt can also benefit your thyroid. This salt can be very useful in treating thyroid disease and reducing its complications. Maybe the naturalness of blue salt is the reason why it can control your thyroid. Unfortunately, thyroid disease has caused a lot of problems for people, but by using water salt and other natural substances, the complications of this disease can be significantly reduced and a healthier life can be continued.

Keep in mind that blue salt is not only used to control the thyroid and reduce its side effects, and it can have countless other properties for the health of the human body. This salt is highly recommended and effective in the European market for controlling blood pressure and reducing cardiovascular problems, and for this reason, it can be effective in reducing deaths caused by heart problems. Note that, unfortunately, the salts available in the market may be dangerous for your health due to the additives they contain.

Where to buy blue salt?

There are many stores across the country that you can visit to buy blue salt. Of course, to buy this rare and rare product, you cannot trust any seller and blindly accept the product he offers. To buy this product, it is better to go to a collection that is both reliable and provides you with the product at a reasonable price. Also, as we mentioned before, unfortunately, blue salt is available in the market in both original and counterfeit form.

Blue Salt Collection sends most of its blue salt to the European markets and has been selling this product domestically for some time, so to buy certified blue salt according to European standards, you can contact the Halito Salt Collection experts. and order your product.

blue salt for export

The price of blue salt

To know the daily price of blue salt, you can always follow this page and be happy with the updated price of this product.

Buy blue salt for export

Buying blue salt has many fans in Europe. For this reason, most of the volume of water salt extraction is exported and sold in European countries. Different countries such as Germany, Holland and England are known as the most important buyers of Iranian blue salt in the green continent. Of course, in addition to Europe, blue salt has many Propa Tablet fans in the Americas. You can see this product in countries like America and Canada and buy it.

The most important point in the supply of blue rock salt in international markets is to deliver the goods to the destination, which is a very difficult task, but the good news is that if you intend to buy this product and deliver it abroad, Halito’s rock salt collection can supply blue salt. Deliver to you anywhere in the world.

blue salt for export

Contact the collection experts for more information.

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