Persian blue salt granule size

Persian blue salt

Persian blue salt granule size, you can purchase bluse salt directly from local supplier in iran also we can send customers order to all over the world.

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Semnan blue salt is a type of edible salt with many properties, which has been proven to have great effects in treating depression, thyroid, blood pressure control, and heart rate regulation in Europe. To buy Semnan blue salt from the Halito collection for domestic retail orders and tonnage purchases for the market Get in touch with our international experts.

Buy Persian blue salt

Semnan blue salt is extracted from Garmsar salt mines of this province and its blue color is due to the presence of potassium element in this salt. Iranian blue salt is one of the rarest and best edible salts in the world, which exists only in our country. This salt contains calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium compounds, and for this reason, it has many properties for health and is used in food.

Persian blue salt

 Is blue salt edible?

There is a lot of natural iodine in the structure of Semnan blue salt, as an original Iranian salt, and this iodine is destroyed by high and constant heat. For this reason, to preserve the properties of this salt, it is recommended to add this salt at the end of cooking. Of course, it is better to use blue edible crystal salt for cooking; Because it can be dissolved in food in a short period of time and these crystals are fragrant and can give food a better taste.
Iranian blue salt is one of the most special salts in the whole world, whose mines exist only in Semnan province. This salt has natural potassium and has valuable medicinal and therapeutic properties; One of the most important benefits of Semnan blue salt is improvement

  •  high blood pressure
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Solving respiratory problems such as asthma, allergies and sensitivities
  • Improve depression, stress and anxiety
  • Regulation of cholesterol, diabetes, blood fat
  • Improved sleep quality noted.

Persian blue salt

The effect of aqueous salt on lowering blood pressure

According to research, the amount of potassium in Semnan blue salt is about 13%, which lowers blood pressure. While other salts can raise blood pressure to a dangerous level. The function of this salt in preventing high blood pressure is that the potassium of blue salt causes the excess sodium to be removed from the body faster and lowers high blood pressure sooner.

During the studies conducted in 2014, the results showed that the consumption of water salt in people with high blood pressure for 8 weeks and 4 grams every day can reduce blood pressure. In general, eating Semnan blue salt can have a great effect on regulating blood pressure; But it is better to consult a doctor to include it in the diet of people with high blood pressure.

Persian blue salt

Is blue salt good for thyroid?

Blue salt is a completely natural salt that can treat thyroid diseases and reduce the effects and complications of this disease. Semnan blue salt and pink salt are effective in the treatment of thyroid disease and have an effective role in reducing the complications of hypothyroidism and have beneficial effects on the body.

Persian blue salt

Where to buy blue salt?

Today, profit-seeking people make a lot of abuses in buying Semnan blue salt, which has led to the difficulty of distinguishing original mineral salt from counterfeit. For this reason, it is necessary to refer to reliable store sites to prepare blue salt; Halito Group is one of the most reliable manufacturers and sellers of blue salt in Semnan, which sends its products to its customers in sanitary packages.

The Halito salt group, which also operates under the name of Hosseini salt, is considered one of the largest and most important suppliers of all types of salt and sellers of blue salt in Semnan. Halito company has direct access to the largest salt rock mine in the Middle East and has exported this product to various countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, India and other neighboring countries for many years.

Price per kilo of blue salt

The price of blue salt in Semnan is determined according to the degree of purity of the salt; Water salt rock crystal includes premium blue salt and grade 1 to grade 3 models. The best type of blue salt is its premium type, which is seen in larger and more colorful sizes, and it is also called collector’s salt. Premium Semnan blue salt is more expensive than salt with lower purity and less color.

Among the reasons for the high price of blue salt in Semnan, we can point out things such as limitations in mines and resources for extracting blue salt, extracting blue salt with the aim of exporting to other countries, and having high properties due to the high percentage of minerals. Also, the hard mining of mines, which must be done with advanced equipment and specialized labor, is another factor affecting the price of each kilo of blue salt.

Persian blue salt

Buy Semnan blue salt

Blue salt is known as persian blue salt worldwide, and European countries are among the major buyers of Semnan blue salt. The reason for the blue color of this salt is due to the presence of minerals such as sylvoite, iron, calcium and potassium; Also, special weather conditions and being under high pressure can be important factors for the blue color of this salt. The presence of therapeutic properties for most underlying diseases in blue salt has made this product extremely valuable; In addition to Asian and neighboring countries, Iranian blue salt is exported to European countries as well.

Persian blue salt

The final word is that refined salts contain a lot of sodium, which increases blood pressure and can cause complications such as cardiovascular problems. The best salt to replace ordinary salt is blue salt, which has a very high potassium content and is considered an edible salt suitable for body health. Semnan blue salt is an authentic Iranian salt, and European countries are the biggest buyers of this product.

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