Persian blue salt wholesale and export from Iran

Persian blue salt

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Sale and export of crystal Garmsar blue salt, a very rare type of blue salt that belongs to Garmsar is rarely found, to buy this precious product all year round, you can contact Halito salt rock collection.

Garmsar blue salt is one of the best edible salts in the world and is considered as a crystal blue salt. This table salt has minerals and as a result has many properties and therefore is one of the main needs of different communities that can be exported to different countries with proper planning.

Persian blue salt

What is Persian blue salt ?

Garmsar blue salt is a type of crystalline blue salt. Crystal blue salt is actually the same as table salt and is known as blue crystal salt because of its blue crystals. This type of salt is limited in different parts of the world, but its natural type is found only in Iran and Garmsar region.



Garmsar blue crystal salt has completely natural blue crystals, while in some parts of the world, profiteers sell crystal grains by dyeing them as blue crystal salt. However, the original salt crystals have blue streaks inside.

Persian blue salt

Properties of Iran blue salt

Garmsar blue salt is an edible salt that can be used in various foods to meet the body’s need for some vitamins and substances. The main reason this product is blue is the presence of a substance called silvinite, which is a potassium substance, and one of the ways to determine the authenticity of blue salt.

The most important ingredients of this crystalline rock salt, such as zinc, potassium, iron and calcium, which give this product several properties, including regulating blood pressure and body balance, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. , Helping the health of the digestive system and digestion, strengthening the nerves and immune system, relieving stress, relieving muscle spasms, treating some respiratory problems and helping with oral health.

Persian blue salt

Garmsar blue rock salt export

Garmsar blue salt is a product that is one of the main needs of the human body due to its excellent properties and various applications, and for this reason, it is needed in many countries of the world.

In exporting this product, knowing the target market and planning in this regard is very important, and in the meantime, knowing other competitors is also very important. Halito salt rock collection can export and deliver blue salt rock to all parts of the world. For this purpose, just contact us and register your purchase request, then the product will be delivered to you in the destination country.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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