Blue rock salt excellent grade for export to Europe

Blue rock salt

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Excellent blue salt crystal for export to Europe, the rarest type of blue salt stone to be sent to Europe with special packaging, providing all the necessary permits with the possibility of delivering the order at the destination, contact us to place an order to buy blue salt stone.

Have you ever seen a blue salt crystal up close? Do you know what is blue salt and what are its properties and uses? What could be the reason for the blue crystals of white and crystalline salt? Join us to answer these interesting questions together.

Garmsar blue salt mine

One of the rarest blue salt crystals belongs to the beautiful city of Garmsar. The popularity of these beautiful blue crystals is such that they are exported to many European and Asian countries. But the amount of this salt is less than other types of mineral salts. In fact, only 10% of a kilo of rock salt is blue and the rest is white. That’s why you have to stay on the waiting list to buy high tonnage of blue salt crystal.

There are many salt mines and salt tunnels in Garmsar city from which blue salt crystals can be extracted. These colorful and salty seeds have many benefits as follows.

  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Treatment of respiratory problems
  • Bone and teeth health
  • Improve the digestive system
  • Increase body immunity
  • Treatment of stress and insomnia
  • It has high disinfection properties
  • And ….

Blue rock salt

The cause of the salt becoming blue

The reason why the salt crystal turns blue is certainly due to its structure. Changing and increasing the ingredients of salt can also affect its color. The blue salt crystals have become this color due to the presence of high amounts of potassium. For this reason, in a rock salt, blue crystals may form a vein or only a part of it. In addition to potassium, blue salt also has high levels of magnesium and calcium. But the amount of potassium in these compounds helps to make it more blue. Even some samples of rock salt are close to purple color due to its potassium content.

Blue rock salt

Blue rock salt market

Due to the many properties that blue salt crystal has, it is in high demand for purchase. This demand, as mentioned, is due to its rarity, both inside the country and abroad. Countries such as UAE, Spain, Germany, Canada, England, America, Italy, Netherlands, etc. have the highest demand for buying blue salt crystals every year. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the higher the amount of blue salt pigments, the higher the sales market. On the other hand, since its extraction is scarce and difficult, it also has a high supply price.

Blue rock salt

Halito rock salt collection has the possibility of delivering orders to its major customers all over the world.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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