Iran blue rock salt local suppllier

Iran blue rock salt

Iran blue rock salt local suppllier, blue rock salt in 3 types, full color, mid color, low color, persian  blue salt powder.

Garmsar blue salt rock is the rarest rock salt in the world, but unfortunately it is not known in our country of Iran.

The main customers of this rock salt are European countries and the main export of this product is to these countries.

The most important point in the business of blue rock salt is to obtain and buy this rock salt because its quantity is very small and limited.

Iran blue rock salt

For example, sometimes the European customers of the Halito rock salt collection may have to wait two months to buy 250 kg of blue rock salt.

Blue rock salt is edible and due to its very high potassium, it gives a person a happy and fun mood.

Consuming this rock salt is very suitable for people who have mental problems and depression.

Which Iran blue rock salt is good for export?

Blue salt rock is known by different names, including the following

  • Blue rock salt
  • Blue salt
  • Iranian blue salt
  • Garmsar blue rock salt
  • Semnan blue rock salt
  • Persian Blue Salt
  • Blue rock salt

There are many names that refer to this pure Iranian product, but one very important point should not be overlooked, that the exported rock salt that all international traders are looking for is Garmsar blue rock salt .

Iran blue rock salt

Where is the blue salt mine?

Blue salt rock has been seen in different cities of Iran in the form of streaks, but after harvesting and sampling, it has been determined that it has no edible value, so it has not been considered.

In general, blue salt rock is seen in two cities much more than in other places, which are Garmsar and Semnan!

But as mentioned above, Iran’s exported blue salt is basically the same Garmsar blue salt.

For a better understanding of this issue, read on to know why the only exported blue salt should belong to Garmsar.

Iran blue rock salt

Semnan blue rock salt

Sometimes streaks of blue rock salt can be found in Semnan city, but a very basic point is the type of rock salt obtained.

Semnan blue salt rock has a sugary state, and the extracted rock salt does not have a crystalline state, because one of the bases of valuation of blue salt is its crystalline state.

Pay attention to the picture below, you can see an example of Semnan blue salt rock.

Pay attention to the type of rock salt! Granulation of rock salt is sugary and not crystalline!

Iran blue rock salt

Garmsar blue rock salt

As mentioned, this salt rock is Iranian blue salt rock, which is very popular outside the borders of Iran.

In addition to being crystalline, this rock salt contains a very high amount of potassium.

It was already said that potassium, in addition to having a spirit-enhancing and joyful state, has caused Garmsar blue rock salt to give a very unique taste to food.

In the picture below, you can see an example of Garmsar blue rock salt.

One point that needs to be mentioned is that 8 to 10% of blue rock salt is always blue and the rest is white.

Of course, each time the blue salt rock is extracted, the color of the rock salt may be different, which tends to be blue or purple.

Iran blue rock salt

Export of blue rock salt

If you intend to export blue salt rock, you should know that Garmsar blue salt rock, which is actually Persian Blue Salt, has a very small amount in nature.

This divine blessing appears in the lap of nature with difficulty and in the form of streaks sometimes, and its exact amount can never be counted.

Halito salt rock collection is the most specialized collection that operates in the field of blue salt rock and always has blue rock salt for supply to meet the needs of its regular customers.

Contact us for more information and to buy this precious rock salt.

Iran blue rock salt

Purchase of blue salt for export

Blue salt is a rare type of salt that is known all over the world for its many properties. This salt exists only in Iran and in Semnan Province; That is why it is also called Iranian salt. The blue color of this salt is completely natural and its reason can be attributed to the presence of potassium chloride in it. Blue salt is one of the most valuable salts in the world and has many benefits. In the following, we will review more information about Iranian blue salt. If you intend to buy blue salt, stay with us until the end.

Iran blue rock salt

How to use blue salt

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, blue salt is one of the most valuable salts used all over the world; Therefore, knowledge of the correct consumption of this Iranian salt is considered an important issue in order to preserve its nutritional value. When using this Iranian salt, you should be careful that the best time to add salt to food is at the end of cooking. Water salts are rich in natural iodine, and since iodine is lost in high heat, adding salt at the very beginning of cooking causes the loss of iodine in it.

Another thing that is better to know about the consumption of blue salt is the use of coarse and granulated salt. Coarse and granulated blue salt dissolves more slowly than powdered salt; Therefore, the possibility of iodine loss is less and its properties are preserved.

Iran blue rock salt

Properties of blue salt

Blue salt is a very useful natural substance due to the presence of various minerals in its structure. This Iranian salt, with its many properties, can be effective in the treatment of many diseases. In the following, we will mention some of the properties that you can benefit from after buying and consuming blue salt.

  • Antibacterial and antiseptic: preparing a salt water solution with blue salt and gargling it in your mouth, besides being useful for oral and dental health, can also help you in treating a sore throat. This salt kills bacteria and acts as an antiseptic.
  • Relieving anxiety and stress: Another property of blue salt is to increase the amount of oxytocin hormone in the body, which causes anxiety and stress to disappear in people.
  • Benefits of blue salt in digestion: Blue salt is very effective in digestion and helps in better digestion. In addition, Iranian blue salt will be effective in solving stomach problems and can cause stomach infection to disappear.
  • Eliminating respiratory problems: Other benefits of water salt include its effects in treating respiratory problems. Breathing in blue salt incense helps to improve nasal congestion and problems related to the respiratory system.
  • Improving the function of the body’s immune system: This natural salt helps the body’s health by providing the minerals it needs and makes the body’s immune system function properly. Blue salt will be useful in solving kidney, heart and vascular problems and many diseases.
  • Cancer prevention: Another benefit of blue salt is cancer prevention. This is due to proper oxygenation to the body and regulation of blood circulation.
  • Prevention of osteoporosis: due to the fact that water salt is a rich source of various minerals, it can prevent osteoporosis by supplying enough sodium to the body.
  • Treatment of depression: Another disorder that can be treated with the use of blue salt is depression. By consuming blue salt, the hormones serotonin and melatonin make you feel more relaxed and comfortable and do not get depressed.

Iran blue rock salt

Benefits of blue salt for skin

In addition to the properties we mentioned in the previous section, blue salt has other benefits, one of the most important of which is exfoliation and helping to maintain skin health. By buying blue salt and using it on your skin, you can benefit from its antiseptic and antibacterial properties and treat your skin diseases. This Iranian salt is useful for treating many skin diseases such as eczema, acne, etc.

In addition, with blue salt, you can prevent your skin from scaling and eliminate its redness and inflammation. If you are looking for a suitable exfoliator for your skin, this natural salt can be a good option for you.

Iran blue rock salt

Effect of aqueous salt on blood pressure

You may be interested in controlling blood pressure by consuming salt. According to research conducted by foreign doctors, it has been determined that water salt can be effective in reducing blood pressure and help regulate it. Blue salt has various minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, etc. The presence of potassium in this salt makes sodium in the body reach a balanced level and its excess amount is removed from the body.

Blue salt will not only reduce blood pressure; It can also prevent stroke; Therefore, if you have high blood pressure, you can benefit from the properties of this mineral to treat and control your blood pressure.

Iran blue rock salt

The importance of blue salt in traditional medicine

Blue salt is very important in traditional medicine. This mineral is of great interest due to its many properties for treating diseases and improving the functioning of the body’s immune system. Blue salt has a hot and dry nature and acts like a medicine in the treatment and control of diseases. This natural salt is very effective in removing phlegm, soda and bile. To have bright and healthy skin, it is usually recommended to use this Iranian salt. Another therapeutic property of this salt in traditional medicine is increasing appetite.

Iran blue rock salt

Selling blue salt in Tehran

Blue salt is a valuable and rare type of salt, which is the only source of its extraction in Iran. This salt is famous all over the world for its many properties and has many fans. Considering that Iranian people consume a lot of salt daily, using a natural salt rich in nutritious minerals can be more useful for them; This issue has caused a large number of people to purchase blue salt.

The sale of blue salt in Tehran and the easy access of people to this Iranian salt helps people to use its healing properties and heal their diseases. Due to the fact that various sellers are active in the field of selling blue salt in Tehran, you should be careful in choosing a reliable center.

Iran blue rock salt

Purchase of blue salt good for export

Since blue salt is very popular among people and many people are looking to buy it due to the properties of this mineral, some profiteers take advantage of this situation and sell fake salts to people. Fraudsters paint regular salts and replace them with original blue salt and sell them in the market. Therefore, when buying blue salt, you should be careful not to buy fake salt.

Paying attention to some points when buying this exported Iranian salt will help you not to fall into the trap of profiteers and fraudsters and buy high-quality and original salt. We will state these points below.

  • If you look closely at the blue salt rock, you will see blue veins inside it.
  • After crushing the blue rock salt, the crushed salt has a white color.
  • Blue rock salt is not completely blue; Rather, it is a transparent stone in which you can see streaks of blue color.

Iran blue rock salt

Where to buy blue salt?

With the increase of fraudulent sellers, many people get confused to buy blue salt, and the question arises for them, where to buy blue salt? If you can find a reliable center to supply the blue salt you need, you will no longer have to worry about the salts being fake. Halito Group is one of the most reliable and largest suppliers of water salt in Iran, which, in addition to supplying salt in Iran, also exports salt abroad.

Iran blue rock salt


The rare and valuable Iranian blue salt has many benefits, and in order to benefit from these benefits, it is necessary to consume it in a proper way. In this article, in addition to describing the properties and the correct way of using this salt, we tried to guide you to buy the original blue salt.

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