Procure Iranian blue salt for the European market

Iranian blue salt

Procure Iranian blue salt for the European and Canadian market, you can procure blue rock salt directly from iran local supplier in affordable price.

Buy Iranian blue salt for European and Canadian markets, sugar grain blue, crystal blue, special packaging in special bags on pallets, delivery across Canada and Europe, zero to hundred.

In our country, there are many centers for buying blue salt, and due to the rarity and value of Garmsar blue salt, it is better to order this product from reliable and established centers. Also, there are all kinds of decorative and edible rock salt in the market. But blue salt rock is very rare because it is hard to find in the mines of our country. Due to its characteristics such as high purity, crystalline appearance and color, Garmsar blue salt is used in various fields such as food and therapy. In this article, we are going to investigate more about blue salt, its features, properties, how to buy this product, etc.

Iranian blue salt

What is blue salt?

As mentioned, Persian blue salt is one of the rarest and at the same time the oldest type of salt in the world. Very few mines in the world have this rock salt. Also, in our country, blue salt has been observed in Semnan province and Garmsar city, and no such case has been reported in other places. The blue color of this salt is due to the presence of potassium in its composition, which also plays an important role in the health of the body. In general, Iranian blue salt is one of the purest and best salts not only in the Middle East but also in the world.

The mines of this salt were obtained from the drying of the oceans 200 million years ago and there is no pollution in its production process. One of the noticeable differences of this salt compared to other edible salts is its taste, which is very salty, and at the end it is a bit sour.

Iranian blue salt

Buy original blue salt

It is possible to buy original blue salt in our country in two forms: granulated sugar and crystal. Crystal blue salt extracted from Garmsar mines has a transparent appearance and its blue color is very bright, just like pieces of glass. However, Semnan sugar grain salt has a lighter and white color. But considering that both of these products are blue salt, they have the same value and nutritional properties.

Crystal blue salt is very luxurious and popular due to its darker blue color and is often used for decorative purposes. If you intend to use this salt for daily use, our collection suggests preparing blue salt with sugar grains. Because this product has a cheaper price than its crystal type.

Iranian blue salt

Garmsar blue salt price

product type Price (per kilo/ton) Annual extraction rate
Colorful blue rock salt About 4500000 per kilo 900 kilos
Medium blue salt crystal About 2500000 per kilo 3 thousand kilos
Pale blue salt crystal About 1350000 per kilo 6 thousand kilos
Persian blue salt About 350,000 per kilo 250 tons
Blue peas About 380,000 per kilo 60 tons

Various properties of Blue salt

Due to the fact that it contains various minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, etc., blue salt has many properties for the health of human body and soul. Putting a small amount of this substance in the daily diet can act as a supplement and compensate the body’s deficiencies in terms of minerals. In the following, we will describe and examine the various properties of this salt.

Iranian blue salt

Blue salt and its role in improving the digestive system

By buying blue salt, you can benefit from its very important properties to better digest food and improve the body’s digestive system. By eating this salt with food, you can relieve stomach pains and solve its problems. In addition, consuming blue salt destroys any stomach worms and infections in it. Just combine a small crystal of blue rock salt with some fresh mint leaves and some yogurt and water and use it to improve your stomach and digestive tract discomfort.

Increasing the body’s metabolism by consuming water salt

Metabolism plays an important role in the health of organisms and body cells. By consuming blue rock salt, you can help increase metabolism and better functioning of all body organs.

Iranian blue salt

Blue salt and its relationship with increasing the body’s immunity level

Due to the fact that blue rock salt has an abundance of mineral substances and minerals, by adding it to food, you can increase the body’s immunity level against infectious and viral diseases.

Garmsar blue salt for weight loss

One of the most interesting properties of blue salt is its role in weight loss. Due to its ability to activate insulin, blue salt reduces the level of appetite compared to the consumption of sweets. Therefore, by buying blue salt, you can use it to get fit and reach an ideal weight.

Sleep well with Blue salt

One of the properties of blue salt rock is regulating night sleep. By consuming rock salt, your body will secrete more melatonin and thus you will experience a peaceful and pleasant sleep at night.

Iranian blue salt

Treatment of respiratory problems with blue salt

If you suffer from respiratory diseases such as sinusitis, don’t forget to use rock salt. You can disinfect the air by placing rock salt in the fumigator. Also, combining rock salt with water and gargling it helps reduce sinus secretions and improves sore throat and dry cough.

Iranian blue salt

Reducing depression and stress using blue salt

Whatever we say about the properties of blue salt rock, we have not said enough. By using this unique salt, you can significantly reduce your depression, anxiety and stress. Based on this, you can pour one tablespoon of blue salt in the bathtub and sit in it for a while. After some time, the negative energies will leave you and give way to peace.

Properties of blue salt to treat migraine

By buying blue salt, you can benefit from its benefits to improve and treat migraine headaches. For this purpose, mix one teaspoon of blue rock salt with one tablespoon of water and massage your head and neck with this solution.

Benefits of blue salt based on traditional medicine

In traditional medicine, the benefits of blue salt have been said a lot. Among these benefits, we can point out the elimination of soda, phlegm and bile by consuming blue salt rock. Due to its repellent property, blue salt opens the blockage and makes the skin clear and bright.

Iranian blue salt

Properties of Garmsar blue salt

According to the repeated tests that have been done on Garmsar blue salt rock, it has been determined that this salt has a very high degree of purity and its compliance with the standard of 26 Food and Drug Organization is at least 99.5%. Accordingly, by buying Garmsar blue salt and replacing it instead of normal salt, you can benefit from its countless properties to maintain your body’s health.

Properties of blue salt for blood pressure

Blue salt is very suitable for improving and regulating blood pressure. Considering that this mineral product has a high amount of potassium, it helps to balance the sodium level in the body. Therefore, people suffering from high or low blood pressure can consume a proper amount of original blue salt on a daily basis.

Properties of blue salt for the skin

Due to its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, blue salt also has countless benefits for the skin. Using this amazing rock salt, you can improve and treat many skin diseases, including eczema, acne, psoriasis, etc. Due to its many minerals, this stone reduces swelling, redness, scaling and inflammation in the skin. In addition, you can use rock salt as an exfoliator and give your skin youth and freshness.

Where is Iran’s blue salt export market?

As mentioned, Iranian blue salt is only explored and extracted from Semnan province located in Garmsar mines. Halito Group is one of the most reliable and largest direct suppliers of Iranian water salt. This collection of blue salt is transferred to the factory after extraction from Garmsar mines, and after packaging, it supplies and exports it. Most of the people of our country have little information about the numerous properties and benefits of blue salt, therefore, most of the purchase of blue salt is done by foreign customers and a large volume of this product is exported abroad every year.

Iranian blue salt

Selling blue salt in Tehran

One of the biggest blue salt sales centers in Tehran is the Halito complex. This collection directly and without intermediaries discovers blue salt from the mines of Semnan and then offers it in packages of several kilos. Accordingly, you can contact the sales experts in this collection to order blue salt in bulk and in small quantities. Although the extraction rate of this rock salt is much lower compared to other salts, but the salts discovered from Garmsar mines are of high quality and have all the mentioned properties.

Iranian blue salt

The method of detecting the original blue salt

Due to the relatively high price of blue salt, some profit seekers add blue color to normal salt and then sell it. Counterfeit water salts, while not having any properties, are offered by these centers at a high price. Based on this, there are different methods to identify the original blue salt, which we will discuss below.

  • Blue rock salt crystals only have blue streaks and are never completely blue.
  • The higher the transparency of rock salt, the higher its purity.
  • The original blue rock salt will turn white after crushing.
  • The taste of blue rock salt is salty and almost sour.
  • The original rock salt has a relatively dry smell.

But our suggestion is to order the original blue salt from reputable sales centers. Due to this, while ensuring the quality and originality of the salt, you can also get it at a reasonable price.

Iranian blue salt

Is blue salt harmful?

In response to the question of whether blue salt is harmful, it should be said that excessive consumption of any useful substance can be harmful to the body. Blue salt is no exception to this and if it is consumed excessively, it will cause complications for the body. Eating too much water salt causes the body to suffer from sodium poisoning, and the person feels thirsty and turns to drinking a lot of water.

Finally, this causes many side effects for the body and causes pressure in the brain. Therefore, it is recommended to observe moderation in the consumption of this product and use the right amount of water salt in your daily diet.

How to use blue salt

Blue salt can be used like normal salt in this way, if you plan to take it with food, it is better to eat some of it before starting the meal and use a small amount of blue salt after the meal.

You can also add blue salt to appetizers such as salad, or flavor it with blue salt to cook fish, which will have a wonderful taste.

Iranian blue salt

Where to buy blue salt?

Garmsar blue salt is one of the purest and most unique blue salts in the world. Halito collection is known as one of the specialized centers and suppliers of this salt in the country. Considering this, you can visit the website of this collection and place your order to buy original blue salt in bulk and in small quantities.

Please note that orders above 500 kilos of blue salt are considered bulk purchases, and in case of bulk purchases of blue salt, you can benefit from special discounts on the sale of this product.

Iranian blue salt

Due to the fact that the number of mines that have blue salt rock is very small both in Iran and in the world, we see the supply of this salt at a relatively high price in the market. Therefore, be careful in buying this product in the original form and be sure to buy it from reputable centers such as Halito Collection.

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