Persian blue rock salt packing and export center

Persian blue rock salt

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Semnan blue salt packing and export center, 25 kg and 1 kg packages, packing on pallets, sending to all parts of the world, possibility of packing and exporting 25 tons per month.

Have you ever heard anything about Semnan Blue Salt Rock? When it comes to salt, we all think of white kitchen salt that we use in cooking any hot or cold food. If there is little salt, the food will not taste, and if there is too much, the food will be inedible. Salt, if it exceeds the limit, causes blood pressure. If he is not at home for a day, our food will not be ready, and of course, any salt we want can be found in the market.

But in this article, we are going to introduce you to another type of salt, which is not only white, but has a color similar to the sky. It is not easily found and lowering blood pressure is one of its benefits. In the following, you will be fully acquainted with Semnan blue salt stone.

Persian blue rock salt

What is Persian blue rock salt?

When you hear the name of blue salt stone, you might think that this stone is the same colored salt, but we have to say that it is not. Special and different minerals, climate, pressure and humidity have made this salt blue, so blue salt is known worldwide as Persian Blue Salt. Among the most important minerals that make up this salt, we can mention calcium and potassium, iron and zinc. As mentioned in the title of this article, you should not expect to find blue salt by visiting any store.

In Iran, this salt is found only in the cities of Semnan and Garmsar, and each time a small amount of it is extracted under special conditions. Blue rock salt is one of the rarest types of salt, which has increased its popularity.

Persian blue rock salt

Where is Semnan blue salt mine?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, unlike white salt, blue salt is not found in abundance. To be able to see the blue salt mine up close, you must travel to Semnan. Near the southeast of Semnan, there is an old mine called Malha, which is in the form of salt domes. White, blue and pink salts can be found in this mine and it is considered one of the most important salt mines. Even extracting this salt from this mine is not easy because the blue salt is in the form of thin streaks between two different layers of salt. For this reason, it is better to use the word “exploration” instead of the word “extraction” for Semnan blue rock salt.

Persian blue rock salt

Is blue salt good for health?

The question that may come to you is, why should you bother and pay money to buy this rare salt? In this section, you will learn about the unique properties of blue salt for health, and at the end of this section, you will surely look for a way to buy Semnan blue salt rock.

These days, stomach pain and stomach problems have become a common problem among all people. You don’t need to resort to colorful pills to get rid of pain and burning, infections and stomach worms. It is enough to prepare the original blue salt. Just combine one of its crystals with other miraculous ingredients such as mint and yogurt, and you will get rid of your stomach problems.

As you know, the only shield that protects you against diseases is your immune system. If you strengthen this system, you can overcome all pains and problems from a small cold to infections and cancers. To strengthen this system, use Semnan blue salt rock crystals in your cooking.

Are you tired of various diets and chemical and herbal slimming drugs? It is enough to include blue salt powder in your diet so that more insulin will be released in your body and you will have less desire to eat food and sweets. With this simple method, you can help lose weight without side effects.

Persian blue rock salt

These days, when the busyness and problems of life have multiplied, having a comfortable sleep has become a dream for many people. If you belong to this category, just add blue salt to your diet to regulate the level of melatonin in your body and experience a peaceful and pleasant sleep.

You must have used salt water many times to treat a sore throat. Using water salt also helps to treat respiratory problems, sinusitis and nasal congestion. To treat these problems, you can benefit from the incense of Semnan blue salt stone.

You no longer need to turn to different creams to treat your skin problems. One of the most important features of Semnan blue salt rock is its antibacterial property, which helps in the treatment of boils, eczema, etc. Also, many people use this rock salt to exfoliate the skin. This antimicrobial property of rock salt also helps to clean the scalp from pollution and hair growth.

Headaches and migraines are those types of pain that can paralyze you for many days of your life. You may also wake up one morning with a strange neck pain. Do not try different oils and ointments in this situation. To get rid of these pains, just mix some blue salt rock crystals with cold water and massage your head and neck with it.

Among the other properties of Semnan blue salt rock for health, we can mention helping to treat osteoporosis, solving heart problems, reducing blood pressure, solving muscle cramps, preventing cancer, reducing inflammation, etc.

Persian blue rock salt

How to use blue salt?

Before you get to know how to use blue salt, you should know that this type of salt is available in the market in both powder form and coarse grain form. In order to be able to use blue salt in cooking, it is better to prepare coarse grain type of this salt. Since this salt has natural iodine, if it is used in powder form, it is easily dissolved in food and its iodine is lost. Also, remember to always add blue salt to the food at the end of cooking so that it does not lose its iodine due to prolonged heat.

Persian blue rock salt

What is the difference between blue and pink salt?

Another type of rare salt is pink salt, in this section we are going to discuss its difference with blue salt. In general, these two salts are completely similar in terms of constituent elements. Both are composed of elements such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and iron. The point that led to the difference in color and properties of blue and pink salt is the percentage of elements used. For example, the potassium of blue salt is more than that of pink salt, and it has caused the blue color in this rock salt. Also, pink salt has more iron, which is a valid reason for its color.

Persian blue rock salt

Properties of blue salt for blood pressure

We have always heard that salt consumption increases blood pressure. With this in mind, we prohibit people with high blood pressure from consuming salt. We even scare them that they may kill themselves by eating this substance. It may be unbelievable to you if you realize that some kind of salt not only does not increase blood pressure but also regulates its amount. Semnan blue rock salt, due to having more potassium and less sodium, leads to maintaining the balance of fluids in the body and thus regulating blood pressure.

Persian blue rock salt

Is blue or pink salt better for consumption?

The answer to this question depends on your own circumstances. In general, we cannot make a general version for everyone. For example, if you suffer from hypothyroidism, it is better to use pink salt. If you experience high blood pressure, depression and heart problems, it is better to use Semnan blue salt rock.

Persian blue rock salt

Blue rock salt export market

Maybe if you know that blue rock salt is found only in Iranian mines and not in abundance, you can better understand the value of this material. Semnan blue salt rock has a lot of demand in European and American countries. Today, due to more awareness about the properties of this salt, the export of blue salt to other countries has found a larger market.

Persian blue rock salt

In this article, we tried to fully introduce you to one of the most special and of course the most amazing types of salt. In this article, we wrote in simple language what is blue rock salt? What materials is it made of? Is it useful for health and what are its properties? How is it different from pink salt? In which mines is it found? How is it consumed and how is its export market? It is hoped that by reading this article, all your questions about Semnan blue salt stone will be answered.

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