Direct sale of Persian blue salt in Europe

Persian blue salt

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Introducing types of Iranian blue salt

You have probably heard the name “Semnan blue salt” and have brief information about its countless properties, because this Iranian salt is one of the few food items rich in micronutrients, which is completely and completely away from the pollution of the modern world today. remained! Yes, you heard it right, this tasty and rare edible salt with its attractive and stunning blue color is one of the rarest salts in the world, which is extracted only in our beloved country of Iran. If, contrary to our opinion, you have not been familiar with Semnan blue salt, stay with us until the end of this article to get acquainted with an attractive food item with an amazing nutritional value.

Semnan blue salt is an Iranian table salt that is world famous. This salt is famous in the world with the Latin name of Persian blue salt. With a simple search in Latin sources, you can find out the popularity of Semnan blue salt in Western countries. There are few restaurants in Europe and America that do not use this colorful and glazed salt to decorate and flavor their various dishes. For many years, Semnan blue salt has been placed in the same row as pink salt, Himalayan salt and other well-known salts of the world. In the following, we will discuss the reasons for this popularity.

Persian blue salt

Properties of Persian blue salt

Today, many people prefer organic and natural products to corporate products. Because they have become aware of the properties and high nutritional value of these food items. Semnan blue salt is one of the products that is currently popular in the market both inside the country and in foreign countries. Iranian blue salt is a very rare type of table salt, so that the mines of this salt are located only in Semnan province and in the country of Iran.

This salt is rich in all kinds of minerals needed by the body. Among the essential minerals for the body that can be found in this rare salt, such as

  • magnesium
  • Calcium
  • sodium
  • potassium
  • iron
  • copper
  • Roy
  • and dozens of other beneficial substances..

Many researches and experiments have been done on Iranian blue salt. Research results have shown that consuming a virtual amount of this salt during the day is effective for strengthening the body’s immune system and preventing many diseases.

The properties of blue salt are many. As we said, blue rock salt is a rich source of essential minerals for the body.

Potassium in Iranian blue salt helps to reduce blood pressure and reduce depression and anxiety, which helps a lot in preventing heart diseases. Another benefit of potassium is helping to strengthen the bones and muscles of the body. Potassium is one of the vital elements for body metabolism. Another very important element that should be consumed in high amounts for health is calcium. Semnan blue salt is one of the very good sources of calcium for the body.

Persian blue salt

What is the cause of the blue color of the salt?

Semnan blue salt, or Iranian blue salt, was created about 110 million years ago when the sea dried up and then its remains were buried. These materials have been compressed over many centuries and caused the formation of blue salt rock. Under the pressure of this salt rock and natural processes occur on it, very beautiful blue streaks have been created on the surface of this salt rock.

Since this salt is extracted from the heart of the mines, it is very pure and has a special nutritional value. As we mentioned earlier, there are various useful elements and compounds in Iranian blue salt. One of the most important elements in this salt is potassium. Consuming potassium is necessary for various reactions in the body. For example, muscle movement, protein production, creation of new cells, etc. are possible with significant amounts of potassium. Also, the presence of potassium compounds in this salt is the reason for the blue color of Semnan blue salt.

As we said, Iranian blue salt is extracted from mines located in Semnan province by experts. Due to the rarity of this type of salt, only a few tens of tons are extracted from it every year. Semnan blue salt is very salty and stronger than ordinary salts. The reason for this salty taste is the presence of high amounts of pure sodium in this salt.

Persian blue salt

The effect of blue salt for the treatment of disease

The presence of various salts such as potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, etc. in Semnan blue salt has caused researchers and experts to investigate the medicinal and therapeutic properties of this substance. The results of the investigations have been that consuming a small amount of Iranian blue salt is very beneficial for the general health of the body. Each of the salts present in this valuable food item provides the body’s need for salts that are very necessary for the metabolism of cells as well as the growth, development and repair of organs.

One of the most important issues that all the people of the world are dealing with in today’s world is the issue of depression and the depression and discomfort of the human race. Experts from European countries have long ago come to the conclusion that consuming blue rock salt has a great effect in reducing all types of depression. .

In addition to the above, it should be known that the properties of Semnan blue salt are many, so we will only describe a few of these properties. If you add a relatively small amount of this salt to your diet daily, you will see an improvement in the overall health of your body. In addition, the consumption of this salt is effective in preventing many diseases.

  • Regular consumption of Iranian blue salt is very useful for the health of the digestive system.
  • Consuming Iranian blue salt with food prevents stomach pain and relieves inflammation and infections of the digestive system.
  • Another benefit of consuming Semnan blue salt is strengthening the immune system. Researches show that the consumption of Iranian blue salt adjusts the sleep time by correcting the amount of melatonin in the blood.
  • The formation of communication between nerve cells requires a small amount of sodium. By consuming Semnan blue salt, you will meet this natural need of the body.
  • German scientists have come to the conclusion that blue salt can regulate heart rate

Persian blue salt

Persian blue salt price in Europe

What is the price of blue salt in Semnan? Perhaps by reading this article, you have realized the valuable nature of this pure and virgin food ingredient, and then the question has been raised to you, what is the price of this valuable product? In response, it is necessary to point out that the basis of determining the final price of Semnan blue salt is based on the degree of purity of this salt.

There are different types of blue rock salt, which are usually classified based on color, and the more blue it is, the rarer it is, and the higher the price.

One type of this product is known as premium or collectible blue salt, which is extremely rare and expensive.

The price of blue salt is usually high, considering the unique properties we have mentioned for it and the rarity of this salt in the world, this price seems reasonable. The price of this salt is usually determined in dollars. It is interesting to know that more than 80% of Semnan blue salt is exported abroad. Because in European countries, the properties as well as the beautiful appearance of this salt have been welcomed by people. You can find out the exact price of Semnan blue salt in Europe by visiting English language store sites. **** The average price of this product in European countries is valued at about 20 dollars per 100 grams. The prices are different in each country, but it varies from 80 dollars to 300 dollars per kilo, based on how colorful the prices are.

Unfortunately, in the domestic market, as a result of advertisements carried out by non-experts, it has been suggested that blue rock salt has nutritional value if it is full of color, but this is not true, and all types of blue rock salt have the same properties and the amount of potassium. They may be different

Persian blue salt

Where can I buy blue salt?

Now that you have a good knowledge of this wonderful product, you are probably tempted to try Semnan blue salt for once. Today’s food industry has progressed in such a way that there are few processed food items that have the nutritional value of natural food items. Iodized table salt is no exception and its consumption even in small amounts causes many problems, including blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. So isn’t it better to think of a natural and healthy alternative?

The original Semnan blue salt is very rare. If you want to buy the original Semnan blue salt, you should buy from reputable stores. One of the best suppliers of Semnan blue salt stone is Halito brand.

This collection of blue salt stones has been exporting to international markets for years and has been offering its products to the domestic market for some time. If you intend to buy blue salt for personal use or even if you want to buy this exquisite substance in bulk and export it to other countries, you can buy the mentioned product from this site.

Persian blue salt

Iran blue salt sales center

The sale of Semnan blue salt has increased significantly in recent years due to the spread of information by the media. Today, thanks to the existence of the Internet and social networks, people have better access to correct information about the advantages and disadvantages of different products than before. For this reason, many people buy many products from online stores.

As we explained in this article, Semnan blue salt must be purchased from reputable stores. Because the fake of this product is available in large quantities in the market. For this reason, many buyers fall into the trap of profiteers and risk their health by buying fake blue salt in addition to losing their capital.

The original Semnan blue salt has characteristics that you can distinguish the original salt from the fake one by paying attention to these characteristics. The first feature is the presence of dark blue streaks in rock salt crystals.

  • Pay attention that the whole blue salt stone is not uniform and the existence of dark streaks is evident in it.
  • The second characteristic of the original Iranian blue salt is that the ground blue salt tends to be white in color.
  • And finally, the more accurate way to diagnose is that when you dissolve the blue salt in the water, the color of the water changes.

Therefore, make sure to buy Iranian blue salt from reputable shopping centers. Halito collection is one of the best suppliers of edible rock salt in the country. By checking the professional history of this collection, you can easily get all kinds of orange, red, crystal, etc. original rock salt at the best price.

Persian blue salt

Blue salt rock export market

The purchase of Semnan blue salt has grown well today due to the increase in people’s awareness of a healthy lifestyle. However, a huge part of this precious capital is still exported to foreign countries. Many merchants buy Semnan blue salt in bulk and sell it in the markets of neighboring countries as well as European countries.

Since very small amounts of Iranian blue salt are extracted every year, the price of this salt will naturally be higher than other sea salts. However, the special benefits of this salt still make many Europeans want to buy this salt. Many people of our country are well familiar with this unique food item with its magical healing properties and buy this salt.

Product Name Annual extraction rate
Excellent white rock salt 7 thousand tons
First class white rock salt 70 thousand tons
Streaked white rock salt 120 thousand tons
Colorful blue crystalline rock salt 900 kilos
Pale blue crystalline rock salt 3 to 4 tons
Blue salt sugar 600 tons

Semnan blue salt has many uses in the preparation of various types of food. As you know, Iranian blue salt is rich in important minerals. These minerals aren’t just important for your overall health. They can also be a natural, uncomplicated remedy for blood pressure regulation, heart health, and muscle building.

For this reason, many modern and popular restaurants use this salt as a seasoning. You can also use Iranian blue salt for cooking, making salads, preparing desserts, etc. It is interesting to know that some people use this salt to increase the attractiveness of their special collections.

Persian blue salt

Price per kilo of blue salt

The price of each kilo of Semnan blue salt varies according to the amount of order. Currently, each ton of Semnan sugar grain blue salt costs 380 thousand tomans per kilo.

Persian blue salt

To know the updated price of Semnan blue salt in different weights, just see the link below.

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