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Blue rock salt

Blue rock salt supply and export center, persian blue salt local supplier in Iran, 20 kg and 1 kg packing as cutomer order.

Blue salt crystal supply and export center, which blue salt is suitable for the European market? Is Himalayan blue salt real? What is the difference between blue and pink salt? Deep and pale blue salt crystal at an exceptional price, direct delivery in Europe.

Introduction of types of Iranian blue salt

Blue salt crystal is a rare gem that remains from the evaporation of the oldest oceans on the planet. In general, there are very few mineral salt mines in the world. But blue salt is considered one of the rarest of them and the only main and high-quality vein is located in the Garmsar mine of Semnan province. This salt, like rare gold, is obtained by crushing large salt stones. For this reason, its extraction is very difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Iranian blue salt is composed of many minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and sylivite and has a unique texture, color and appearance.

Blue salt gets its attractive blue color from the mineral potassium chloride, which is found naturally in its crystalline structure and does not contain any additives or artificial substances. The crystal veins that are discovered in large pieces of salt rocks differ in the amount of minerals. Even this difference can be seen in the internal veins of a piece of stone. Crystals and particles extracted from different equivalents of salt can be divided into the following types according to the place of discovery, the amount of color, transparency, vein thickness and crystal size.

  • Semnan opaque blue salt
  • Crystal blue rock salt
  • Pale crystal blue
  • Colorful crystal blue

Blue crystal salt is a unique and well-known food ingredient in the world, which unfortunately is less welcomed in Iran due to lack of recognition.

Product Name Annual extraction rate
Pale blue salt crystal 6 thousand kilos
Medium blue salt crystal 3 thousand kilos
Colorful blue salt crystal 900 kilos
Sugarcane blue 250 tons
Blue peas 60 tons

Blue rock salt

What are the properties of blue rock salt ?

Blue salt crystal is one of the oldest salts found on earth. Considering the minerals in it, it can be said that it is a magical combination for health.

  • The mineral potassium, which is abundant in water salt, is one of the minerals necessary for the body, which increases blood circulation, strengthens the body’s nervous system, treats stress, and regulates sleep.
  • This salt is one of the important sources of access to iron needed by the body. Lack of this nutrient in the body, especially in women, causes many problems such as headache, excessive fatigue, heart palpitations, cardiovascular problems, dizziness. Consumption of this natural substance can prevent these problems to a large extent by transferring red blood cells and supplying oxygen to the vital organs of the body.
  • The element of magnesium in blue salt crystal reduces the percentage of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Consumption of this food while strengthening body muscles also prevents muscle spasms.
  • Due to the significant amount of calcium in this salt, its use strengthens the body’s bones and prevents osteoporosis.
  • The extraordinary composition of blue salt crystal causes immediate sodium excretion and lowers blood pressure. For this reason, unlike the salts available in the market, eating blue salt helps control blood pressure.
  • Antibacterial and antiseptic properties, regulating body balance, strengthening the immune system, treating underactive thyroid, helping digestion, strengthening the digestive system, treating kidney problems, controlling blood fat, solving skin problems, regulating body metabolism, among other properties. Blue salt crystals are considered amazing.

Blue rock salt

Is Himalayan blue salt real?

Before answering this question, it is better to explain about the origin of this stone and the reason for its rarity. Blue salt rock is one of the oldest minerals in the world, which was discovered only in the plateau of Iran, especially in Semnan and Garmsar. The salt deposits that exist in the world are transformed into a crystalline structure under high pressure due to changes in the ecosystem and the movement of the continents. The mineral potassium chloride inside them is a combination of pale pink and yellow color, which becomes blue when the structure of potassium chloride breaks down in the light. This mineral discovery occurs only in one part of the earth.

For years, Pakistani businessmen have always bought significant amounts of Iranian blue rock salt and packaged it with the Himalayan brand, saying that this rock salt belongs to the mines of Pakistan, when such a problem is not true at all, and this kind of Rock salt is known in the world as Persian Blue Salt and Blue Persian Rock Salt.

Blue rock salt

What is the difference between pink and blue salt?

Another famous mineral salt in the world is pink salt. Pink salt is found abundantly in the Himalayan mountains, in the Punjab region of Pakistan. This salt, like the blue salt crystal, has very useful minerals. Also, its pink or red color is due to the high amount of iron element in this salt. In addition to the color and appearance of pink and blue salt, there are differences.

  1. Despite the fact that these two salts have the same minerals, but their compositions are different. This has caused them to have different nutritional properties. For example, blue salt is more useful for people with blood pressure and nervous problems. While pink salt is used for people suffering from hypothyroidism and diabetes. Also, according to research, pink salt is more suitable than blue salt for regulating blood sugar, improving digestive problems and food digestion.
  2. Blue salt crystals are only found in Garmsar mines, while pink salt has more mining equivalents in the world.
  3. In addition to the useful mineral properties of blue crystal salt, its use in food makes food better cooked.
  4. Since this salt is very rare and in order to extract about one kilo of its blue veins, many salt stones must be crushed, it has higher production costs. Also, the amount of its production during the year does not exceed several tons. But in this sense, pink salt has better statistics than the other sample.

Blue rock salt

Blue salt or pink salt which one is better?

Considering the properties of mineral salts, the question that arises is whether blue or pink salt is better? In general, blue salt is better than pink salt in terms of its structure and the composition of minerals in it, and it contains the properties of all mineral salts in the world. Ninety-eight percent of blue salt compounds consist of pure minerals, while this amount for pink salt is around eighty-four percent.

All these cases have caused blue salt to be used as a luxury food like caviar in the world’s great restaurants. The taste of blue salt crystal is very different from the common salt in the market. Using it makes the food acidic and gives it an exceptional taste. This salt is very suitable for cooking seafood and makes their taste very delicious.

The salinity of water salt is very high due to the presence of potassium element. Also, the acidic, delicate and lemony taste of blue salt is in no way comparable to ordinary white salts. This feature is one of the unique features of this food which cannot be found in any other mineral salt.

Blue rock salt

How to use blue salt?

Blue salt is produced in two forms: powder and crystal. In terms of quality and nutritional properties, there is no difference between crystalline and powdered salt, and they differ only in terms of their external structure. Coarse or crystalline salt is used for cooking and powdered salt is used in salads and cold dishes. Blue salt crystal is extremely dry and brittle and can be easily ground. Therefore, do not worry about the method of consuming its large crystals. To use this salt in food, you should pay attention to several points.

  1. It is better to use blue salt in food, use crystal or its coarse salts. When you use coarse and crystalline salt, the heat energy in the food is used to melt and crush the salt crystal grains and does not damage its mineral structure.
  2. To preserve the properties of salt, you should add it to other foods in the last stages of cooking.
  3. Because this salt is composed of minerals and natural ions, it will lose all its properties if exposed to high temperature for a long time. Therefore, it should not be exposed to high heat.
  4. Since powdered salt has a fragile structure, its use in cooking leads to the loss of beneficial minerals and positive ions in it.

Blue rock salt

Where is the blue salt mine in Iran?

The veined mines of this salt are found in different parts of Iran. But all of them do not have edible and usable salts. The only edible salts are related to the mines of Semnan, which have a crystalline state and do not have a sugar structure with coarse, non-consumable grains.

One of the oldest blue salt mines in Iran is Malha mine in the southeast of Semnan province. This mine consists of large salt domes whose water salt purity is more than 98%. In other words, each exploratory vein in this mine contains at least 98% pure minerals. In the northern part of this mine, there is Do Dolphin Salt Mountain, whose height of salt rocks is about 10 meters. Various gray, pink, white and blue mineral salts are extracted from this mountain. There are two forms of blue salt rock in Semnan mines. One is Sholat salt, which is specific to the Melahed Mine in Semnan, and the other is crystal salts found in Garmsar mines.

Blue rock salt

Where is Iran’s blue salt export market?

As mentioned earlier, blue salt has a high price. Therefore, countries that are not in a high financial position are not the target market of this product. On the other hand, advanced countries that always seek to use healthy food are considered as one of the main export markets of this product. Western European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Eastern European countries such as Russia and North America are fans of buying this salt. Also, this product is recently exported to neighboring countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Blue rock salt

Where to buy blue salt?

Salt is one of the main seasonings for cooking, and its use in cooking is inevitable. Therefore, every knowledgeable person who cares about his health, knowing and familiar with the unique properties of blue salt crystal, will definitely want to use this food item at home. Blue salt is a special and luxury product that you should pay attention to when buying.

  1. Keep in mind that the only country that produces blue salt is Iran. The presence of foreign salts definitely indicates that they are fake.
  2. When buying, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s information, the food standard mark, the production date and the nutritional value table of the product.
  3. Paying attention to the appearance of the product is very important when buying. Blue salt crystal is a crystalline and transparent stone, the veins inside of which create the blue color. On the other hand, you should know that blue salt powder has a very pale color. It is very important to pay attention to this point when buying.

To be sure of the purchased product and to guarantee the authenticity of the product, you should get the blue salt crystal from the reliable stores that sell these products.

Halito rock salt collection is one of the largest suppliers of mineral salts in the country. This group is active in all projects related to the use of mineral salts. The export of blue salt rock to all over the world, especially European and North American countries, has been done by this group for many years. In this regard, we recommend to visit the Halito collection website to buy this product and contact the sales experts of this company.

Blue rock salt

Blue salt crystal price

Product Name Annual extraction rate Price per kilo
Pale blue salt crystal 6 thousand kilos Price range from 1200000 to 1400000 tomans
Medium blue salt crystal 3 thousand kilos Price range from 2500000 to 3100000 Tomans
Colorful blue salt crystal 900 kilos Price range from 4200000 to 5000000 Tomans

Due to the high properties of blue crystal salt, the buying and selling market of this product is increasing and many factors such as the following are effective in determining its price.

  • The percentage of minerals in the salt structure
  • The mine where the product is extracted
  • Manufacturer’s brand name and competition between manufacturers
  • Increase in production costs

Blue rock salt

For this reason, you can contact the sales experts of the Halito collection to learn about the different product prices and compare them with each other.

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