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Blue Rock Salt

What is Blue Rock Salt?

most rare rock salt in the world, monthly capacity it's 500 also blue rock salt in 3 types Low color monthly capacity 200 kg Mid color monthly capacity 150 kg Full color is very rare monthly 50 kg It is worth mentioning that full color always does not exist
persian blue salt
persian blue salt

Export of Persian blue salt

Halito Rock Salt Company based in Garmsar, Iran. This Company with direct access .
to the Garmsar Salt Mines exports the best types of rock salt to the countries

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Types of Rock Salt
Today, with advancements in science and technology,
salt not only exists in our daily lives but also finds applications in various
industries such as medicine, food production, and even the decorative arts. Furthermore,
given its cultural and historical values, some of our ceremonies and traditions still hold a special reverence for salt.