Direct purchase of blue rock salt from Iran

blue rock salt

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Iranian blue salt is one of the types of mineral salts, which is of interest to everyone due to its high mineral content such as calcium, potassium and iron, as well as its unique appearance and texture. Unlike sea salt, which is extracted from salt ponds, Iranian blue mineral salt is a fossil or salt gem whose crystals were formed under the oceans 200 million years ago.

This blue Iranian salt was formed under the seas that remained from hundreds of millions of years ago. Mineral blue salt usually has blue streaks, whose blue color is very rare, which is presented as blue salt. Iranian blue salt is extracted from Semnan province in northern Iran where it is extracted in much the same way that miners drill for gold. Extraction of mineral blue salt is a difficult task because this rock salt does not have a specific place where miners can dig and extract the product, and this mineral may appear anywhere in the mines.

This rare Iranian salt gets its attractive color from the mineral potassium chloride, which is naturally placed in the crystal structure of the salt. There are no artificial additives in this natural rock salt and its texture is completely natural.

blue rock salt

Properties of Iranian blue salt

Iranian blue salt is rich in nutrients. Minerals extracted from the mountains of Iran are rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. Since only a few tons of blue rock salt are mined each year, this rock salt has become one of the rarest salts in the world.
Since blue rock salt is rich in potassium, it is extremely useful for calming the nerves.
Adequate intake of potassium is essential for a healthy heart. However, it should be kept in mind that too much potassium can be life-threatening – so potassium supplements should be taken with caution. The properties of this salt include:

  • Anti-infective and antibacterial properties
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Adjust body balance, strong anti-stress
  • Sleep regulation
  • Aid in digestion
  • Fix some respiratory problems
  • Increase body immunity
  • Prevents muscle spasms
  • Useful for oral hygiene

blue rock salt

How to consume mineral salt

Blue salt has a very high purity of 99.5%, which makes this rock salt very exceptional and unique, so a small amount of it can make food taste very delicious.
This beautiful Iranian blue salt is used as tomato salad salt, homemade tomato sauce and a wide range of daily dishes.

It should be noted that salt should not be kept near the gas stove or on the stove, because a lot of moisture is produced during cooking, which quickly causes the properties of salt to be lost. The best place to store Iranian blue mineral salt is where the air temperature is dry and without humidity.

blue rock salt

Where can we get original blue rock salt?

It should be noted that today, due to the abuse of profit-seeking people in the field of selling mineral salt, it has become difficult to distinguish original mineral salt from fake salt.

blue rock salt

The best way to buy Iranian blue salt rock is to buy blue rock salt directly from the supplier in Iran.
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