Amazing benefits and uses of blue rock salt

blue rock salt

Amazing benefits and uses of blue rock salt, rock salt in iran, blue salt has low quantity in Iran then its price is very higher than other salts, you can purchase directly from local supplier in Iran.

Currently, the number of exploration resources in Iran that have blue salt rock is small. This salt, like other colored crystals of salt, is used for food and as a product for the treatment of some diseases, which we will discuss in the next review and introduction of this product.

What is blue rock salt?

It has been almost 20 years since news like a bomb sounded in Iranian media, and it was nothing but the discovery of a special crystal of blue salt that has not been discovered in the world before, and as we are preparing the content for the introduction of this product, there is news of This is not the issue.

Similar to other colored salts, this salt has the effect of the presence of some minerals, which has turned into a blue color due to the existence of a specific source of potassium. But there are other mineral sources in this salt.

This rock salt is known as blue salt, which originates from Semnan province. Therefore, it has been introduced in the world under the name of Persian Blue Salt, which means Persian Blue Salt.

blue rock salt

Persian blue salt?

In Garmsar blue salt rock, in addition to potassium, we also include two elements, calcium and magnesium, which are present in many foods that we consume and are necessary for the body. The presence of these elements in this salt has made it an alternative product to white table salt or sea salt, which can be effective on the health of the human body and soul.

Other names:

  • Blue rock salt
  • Persian blue salt
  • Persian Blue Salt

Cases and uses of blue salt:

  • Oral use in the food industry
  • Oral use of table salt
  • Use in laboratories

blue rock salt

The process of producing and extracting blue salt

Blue salt rock has a crystalline shape and streaks of blue color, whose transparency plays an effective role in determining the purity percentage. This salt is used for food, and for this purpose, it is more welcomed in the food industry or for daily use in the preparation of all kinds of food.

The uses of blue salt are not only limited to the use of fine crystals for food, and in some food industries, coarse granulation of this salt is used. As a result, you can buy this salt in different sizes as you like.

Iranian blue salt is a rare and rare product, that’s why you should pay attention to its originality when buying. The two characteristics of “transparency and the presence of blue streaks in it” and “the whiteness of the crushed grains of this salt crystal” are among the main characteristics that help you distinguish the original blue salt from fake salt.

blue rock salt

Properties and benefits of Blue salt

Blue salt has a high price due to its rarity and, on the other hand, the limitation in annual extraction available to salt producing companies in Iran. For this reason, when buying this salt, you should always be careful that the transparency and at the same time the blue colors show its greater purity.
This salt can be used in various ways such as cooking, decoration and medicine, which we will introduce the properties of blue salt in the following.

blue rock salt

Improve the quality of blood circulation

Potassium is the dominant source of the triple elements of this salt and that is why it has changed the color of this salt to blue crystals. The presence of more potassium in this salt is determined by its color.

Potassium plays a very effective role in improving blood circulation, which can be effective in balancing blood pressure for people with blood pressure problems. Unlike white salt, which increases blood pressure.

blue rock salt

Reducing nervous anxiety

The presence of potassium improves blood circulation, which results in better blood supply to the body’s tissues, especially the brain. Therefore, with the consumption of this salt, the nervous pressure will be significantly reduced.

Improve muscle function

In addition to all this, potassium helps the muscles to work better thanks to balancing the blood circulation and there is a slight improvement in daily activities, especially for people with muscle problems.

Growth and strengthening of the bones of the body

Calcium is the second rich substance in blue salt, which can especially help the growth and strength of the body’s bones. If you suffer from some diseases that have weak bones or if you take medications that are effective in osteoporosis over time, we recommend adding blue table salt to your diet.

blue rock salt

Help with oral hygiene

The third element in blue salt is magnesium, and we have seen a high percentage of this element in pink salt. Magnesium plays an essential role in maintaining the health of oral and dental health, which, along with the strength that calcium will give to the teeth, will prevent premature tooth decay. Also, the presence of magnesium is an obstacle to eliminate bacteria and bad breath.

Reducing symptoms of depression

Potassium is the main component of blue edible salt, which has an effective role on the nerves. Therefore, it can be used as a medicine for nervous diseases and depression.

blue rock salt

This salt or its compounds are used in the production of some medicines.

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