Wholesale of Persian blue salt at affordable price

Persian blue salt

Wholesale of Persian blue salt at affordable price, Where to buy Persian blue salt, Persian blue salt wholesale, Iran blue salt supplier and exporter.

Bulk sale of Semaneh Dooneh Shukri blue salt with exceptional price, Semnan original blue salt, possibility of monthly supply and export up to a capacity of 25 tons, packaging of 20 kg, shipping by sea to European countries with the lowest shipping rate, packed on pallets.

Where to buy blue salt

Have you heard anything about blue salt, do you know its properties and uses? Do you know where these salts can be obtained? Join us to get your questions answered. First of all, we will introduce the blue stone.

Halito rock salt group is the largest supplier of blue salt, crystalline blue salt and collectible blue salt.

Persian blue salt

What is blue salt?

Blue salt is the salt in food that contains some minerals such as calcium and potassium. This rock salt has taken on this color due to the presence of these minerals, especially potassium. This rock salt is world famous and is one of the rarest and rarest rock salts.

Extraction of this rock salt is not more than five tons per year. It is interesting to know that this salt exists only in Iran and in Garmsar mines. And it is not found anywhere else.

Blue salt is bought in different countries for different purposes. Some may consume it simply because it is beautiful and special, and some because of the minerals it contains. This salt is also used in the best restaurants in the world as a garnish and on the table. This salt is due to its antidepressant potassium.

The blue color of the grains of this salt is completely natural. But some profiteers may sell the counterfeit salt by dyeing it. To distinguish the original blue salt from the counterfeit type, pay attention to the following points,

Persian Blue salt is not completely blue and there are traces of blue in some rocks.

When you crush the blue rock salt, the grains are small, all white and not blue, and you will only see blue dots.

Persian blue salt

Where to buy Persian blue salt

Extraction of blue salt is much less than ordinary salts. This is why this salt is an expensive and luxurious salt in the market. And most of the customers are from European countries, but there are also centers in Tehran that sell this product in person and in person.

Persian blue salt

The bottom line is that many sites sell this product online. But as mentioned, because this stone is a rare stone and its counterfeit type is very common in the market, be sure to get it from reputable sites.

Source: Halito rock salt group

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