Persian blue salt granule size wholesaler

Persian blue salt

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Buy collectible blue sugar grain salt, collectible blue rock salt of a very rare type, this product is rarely found, collectible blue sugar salt rock with a very reasonable price and rich blue color.

To buy blue salt, you can follow the steps below:

– First, you must determine your needs and purpose of buying blue salt. Do you plan to have this salt for use in the kitchen, food industry, or medicinal purposes?

– Determine if the manufacturers you are interested in sell directly to customers or if they need to work with traders or middlemen.

– Compare prices and sales terms, including minimum order quantities, payment terms, and shipping costs from multiple manufacturers or merchants.

– Read the offers and conditions and close the contract with the appropriate manufacturer or trader and ensure that all important details such as quantity, quality, and delivery conditions are included in it.

– If possible, get a salt sample for testing to ensure its quality and properties.

– After closing the contract, set up the supply chain to transport and deliver the product to the final destination.

– Make sure that the manufacturer or merchant has provided the necessary follow-up and support.

It is important to pay attention to the regulations and laws related to the import of salt to the destination country and ensure all the necessary documents and permits for export to that country.

Persian blue salt

Introducing the most expensive salt in the world

Blue rock salt is the rarest type of rock salt in the world, the colorful sample is much rarer and is kept as a collector’s item, but the smaller and lighter pieces are suitable for pounding and edible use.

Factors such as sea water, air, and traditional collection methods have made this salt one of the most expensive salts in the world. It costs much more than regular salt, and is often used as a special luxury in fancy kitchens and high-end restaurants.

Persian blue salt

Where is the blue salt mine in Iran?

Blue rock salt, which is one of the rarest types of rock salt in the world, has a high price, and the main reason is that this rock salt is hard to find, and because there is no specific place to extract it and it is in an exploratory state. The price of this product is always higher than other types of salt and rock salt.

However, until now, what has been found of blue salt rock in Semnan Garmsar region, and no report of blue salt rock extraction has been received in other parts of Iran or the world.

Persian blue salt

Getting to know the properties of Persian blue salt

Blue salt or clay salt is a type of natural salt with a blue or clay color due to the presence of additional minerals such as copper sulfate. This particular salt has several properties that may be useful in health and daily life:

  1. Rich in minerals: Blue salt contains a variety of minerals such as nitrate, magnesium, selenium and copper, which are essential for the general health of the body.
  2. Anti-inflammatory properties: Some people believe that blue salt has anti-inflammatory properties and its consumption may help reduce inflammation in the body.
  3. Helping the digestive system: Water salt can help regulate the activity of the digestive system and be effective in reducing problems related to digestion.
  4. Regulation of blood pressure: consuming salt in moderation can help regulate blood pressure, but the amount of consumption should be taken care of.
  5. Relaxing properties: Bathing in water salt may have relaxing properties and help you sleep better and get more rest.

Note that although water salt can have some beneficial properties, too much salt is generally harmful for many people. Also, none of the claims and properties are conclusive without official scientific verification, so it is recommended to consult with health professionals before relying on these contents.

Persian blue salt

How to use blue salt?

The consumption of blue salt should be done with caution and in compliance with the amount of balanced consumption. Below are some tips for using this type of salt:

If you intend to use blue salt for cooking, you can do this, but since blue salt has a high price, you can use some of it before and after food as a seasoning.

It is interesting to know that in large European restaurants, blue salt is always served with food and is used as a seasoning.

Persian blue salt

Buying blue salt for the European market

The export of blue salt is always one of the frequent requests of customers of this group from all over the world. Packing and sending blue rock salt to any part of the world is one of the abilities of the Halito rock salt collection, which, of course, has a very difficult and complicated procedure.

Persian blue salt

If you intend to export this product, you can contact the experts of the collection and entrust zero to one hundred exports of blue salt rock to our collection.

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