Blue rock salt price in Iran in wholeswale

Blue rock salt

Blue rock salt price in Iran, blue rock salt has 3 models and based on amount of color there’s price is different, in this table you can see all prices in Iran.

Blue rock salt price

It is necessary to pay attention to several points before reading the prices:

  • The price of products in Iran varies based on the USD dollar rate
  • The type of packaging and the amount of the order and the distance to the destination country affect the final price
  • The announced prices are for March 2024
  • All prices are the price without packaging and at mine
Price at mine( per kg) Monthly capacity Products
69 $ 20 to 80 kg Blue rock salt Full color
45 $ 100 to 300 kg Blue rock salt Mid color
31 $ 200 to 800 kg Blue rock salt Low color
6.9 $ 5000 to 15000 kg Blue salt

How can place blue salt order

To place an order to buy blue salt, just contact the communication channels of our collection and place your order.

Blue rock salt
All orders will be sent by airmail if the quantity is small, and by ship if the quantity is large

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