Persian blue rock salt manufacturer in Iran

blue rock salt

Persian blue rock salt manufacturer in Iran, Persian blue salt wholesale, Blue salt Iran, Persian blue salt price, Min order for Grade A is 100 kg and for Grade B is 1 ton.

Export market of blue and pink colored salt rock, red salt rock with 98.5% purity, purchase from the largest blue salt mine in Iran, export of pink salt rock in jumbo bag, pink salt with 25 kg bag.

Have you ever seen and touched a colored rock salt up close? Seeing and feeling these stones is as if you have taken pieces of the heart of nature inside. Colored rock salt is caused by various reactions and interactions in the heart of the mountains, as well as the presence of special materials and natural resources in some mines and mountains.

The stones of these beautiful and eye-catching products have various uses, for example, its oral type is used to strengthen the body and use its special minerals for health. Benefiting from this type of salt makes us consume less salt, also these products have excellent antibacterial properties. Due to their special beauty, they also have exponential and decorative uses.

blue rock salt

Iranian pink salt

One of the most attractive types of colored salt rock is Iranian pink salt. This product, as its name suggests, is specific to certain regions and mines in Iran. Iranian pink salt is one of the largest salt export products in the Middle East.

Due to the specialness and uniqueness of this product in properties and appearance, many countries and buyers are interested in buying it. In fact, buying this product for export, selling in the domestic market and even personal use is very attractive and profitable.

blue rock salt

Iran Red Salt Mine

Iran has one of the richest and most special salt mines in the world. Iranian red salt rock has the highest level of iron among other products, in fact it can be said that it is one of the special salts in the world. Although due to the presence of very high nutrients in this product, it can be used orally, but the attractive appearance and extremely special red rust of this salt has caused it to be used in various decorative products and facades.

To buy Iranian red salt rock, go to a manufacturer who has access to the best Iranian red salt rock mines and can provide you with what you want. We provide you with the most original, attractive and beautiful red salt rock.

blue rock salt

Wholesale blue rock salt

The colors of rock salt are very special and attractive, but in the meantime, blue rock stone plays with eyes and hearts. Iranian blue salt rock is very famous in the world market. This product is rare in its original state and it can be said that Iran is the only producer of its natural type from Garmsar salt rock mines.

We have prepared an exceptional, limited and special opportunity for you. Wholesale original blue rock salt is in your hands as a great opportunity. An opportunity that is not always repeated. By accessing the rich resources of this product, we were able to activate wholesale sales at a very cheap and reasonable price. Buying blue rock salt in bulk can change your life.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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