Export of Persian blue salt from Iran to Europe

Persian blue salt

Export of Persian blue salt from Iran to Europe, biggest iran blue rock salt supplier, persian blue salt in 25 kg bag.

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Perhaps few people have heard of blue salt. But we must say that this salt is one of the healthiest types of salt that access to it is very limited. Therefore, it can be said that its price is very high. In the following, we will introduce more blue salts.

Buy Garmsar blue salt

Buying Garmsar blue salt is important because of its unique properties. These properties include the following:

  • Adjust heart rate
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relaxation
  • Stress reliever

Types of rock salt rock can be found in three types of collectible salt, solid blue solid salt and alternating salt in the market. Collectible salts are known as one of the rarest types of rock salt in the market and it can be said that its sale is quite limited.

Due to the fact that these salts are blue and white, sometimes the buyers of this product want to prepare salts with a solid blue color, in which case they can prepare solid blue salts. Alternating blue salts are the same as blue and white salts, which is the most alternating type of this type of salt on the market.

Persian blue salt

Blue salt mine in Iran

In the past, blue rock salt was found in many cities in Iran, but after research on this type of salt, they concluded that none of them have nutritional value. Therefore, it can be said that there are two cities in Iran whose blue salt rock mines are valuable and in fact the salts of these mines have nutritional value. These two cities are Semnan and Garmsar. The best type of aqueous salts in Iran is related to Garmsar mines, which are also used for export.

Persian blue salt

Export of blue salt to Europe

Usually, people who go to Iran to buy blue salt are surprised to hear its price due to not having enough information about the properties and value of this type of salt, and there are few people who can find the amount intended to buy salt. Pay for water. This has become a reason to export this salt. It can be said that about 90% of water salts extracted from Iran’s mines are exported abroad and to European countries.

Persian blue salt

The reason for the high price of blue salt can be explained by its rarity in the heart of nature. As mentioned, only two cities in Iran have access to this great divine blessing, and access to these cities is limited. Usually the price of this type of salt due to its export in the Iranian market is expressed in dollars or euros.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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