Iran Blue salt for the European market

Iran Blue salt

Semnan export blue salt is special for the European market, the price of each kilo of blue salt varies depending on the amount of the order, blue salt sales in Tehran, call to place an order for blue salt stone and delivery all over Europe.

One of the most special and rare salts in Iran is blue salt. This salt is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron and for this reason it has many fans all over the world. The extraction of this salt from the heart of the mountain is done with expensive and exhausting methods. Among its unique properties, we can mention its antiseptic properties, regulating body balance, regulating sleep, strengthening the body’s immune system, helping digestion, solving respiratory problems, and beneficial for oral and dental hygiene.

Iran Blue salt

The difference between original and normal blue salt

With the passage of time, the distribution of ordinary blue stone has increased in the country by fraudulent and profit-seeking people. We provide you with several ways to distinguish original blue salt from fake: The color of rock salt is one of the ways to identify the authenticity of the salt. In original salt, the grains of salt have very fine blue streaks that reflect their light against the white color and a blue hand can be seen; But in normal or fake stone, the blue color of rock salt does not have blue and white streaks, and the stone is uniformly blue; Because its blue color is not natural.

Another way to determine the originality of the salt is the type of fracture in the salt. If you make a crack in original rock salt, it will be filled with white salt, but not in blue rock salt. The original rock salt has a very salty and sharp taste. In the fake rock, you will notice the saltiness and sharpness of rock salt, but it is not as good as the original salt taste.

Iran Blue salt

Blue salts store

Due to the countless properties of blue salt, this salt is one of the best-selling products. This product is extracted and produced in Garmsar city located in Semnan province. Blue salt store located in Semnan distributes this salt. Blue colored salt is a mountain salt that is very beneficial for health because of the minerals in it. This salt has a unique taste. Its taste is strong and sharp at first, then it has a mild and pleasant taste. This product is Iranian, which is taken from an ancient salt lake in Iran.

Iran Blue salt

Iran blue salt export market

In Semnan blue salt market, these salts are distributed all over the world with the best quality. You can buy this product from the Halito website for a safe purchase. The goal of the Halito collection is to sell Semnan original blue salt in completely hygienic packages to you all over Iran and other countries.

Iran Blue salt

Call for free consultation and purchase of blue rock salt.

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