Wholesale persian blue salt rock

persian blue salt rock

Wholesale persian blue salt rock, supply and export blue rock salt directly from Iran, minimum order 200 kg.

What is persian blue salt?

Garmsar blue salt is well known in the world and is known as Persian blue salt and is actually the most reputable name in the field of salt in the world.

People in other countries, especially those living in Western European countries, are more familiar with the topic of blue rock salt, although the blue salt mine is only in Iran, but there are still many people who are unaware of its existence if you want more information. Have a background, don’t miss the following article.

Blue salt rock is one of the most beautiful wonders of creation that can only be reached in the mines of Garmsar city of Semnan province of Iran and has always been considered because of its blue color.



The blue salt of Iran, which is the result of the crushing of the blue salt rock, there is a very interesting point in this regard that the blue rock salt turns white after crushing, but you can still see the blue spots inside it.

This is one of the ways to identify the original blue rock salt from counterfeit, because the elements of potassium, after being separated from each other, cannot show us the blue color as before. For this purpose, pay attention to the image below.

persian blue salt rock

The amount of rock salt extracted in water hardly reaches ten tons per year, and in many cases five tons may not be obtained.

Potassium is one of the most important things for the body and can be directly related to the level of happiness, stress and anger in people, which in case of potassium deficiency causes things such as anger, stress and depression for the person, so it is needed. It is enough for these nutrients to reach the body.

Persian blue salt benefits

Blue rock salt is also rich in potassium, which is why it is used as a food flavoring in many European countries.

Iran is the only country where there is blue rock salt and due to the small amount, it is always very expensive

You may think that blue salt is only known for its fineness and low value. If reality is the other way around, blue salt reputation is more important because it has its many properties and its scarcity increases the price so much.

Blue rock salt is rich in mountain and mineral potassium, and to this element, add magnesium, sodium, chlorine, which are very useful elements.

  • The potassium in blue salt is one of its unique properties that helps regulate heart rhythm.
  • Because it is found in chlorinated blue salt, it is recommended that people who have difficulty digesting food solve their problem by eating a lot of blue salt.
  • Other benefits of this salt include eating it with food, which adds a lot of calcium to the body and makes bones stronger.
  • It is said that consuming this salt can prevent blood clots in the arteries.
  • Another very interesting benefit of blue salt, which has made it very popular, especially among Europeans, is that its continuous or daily consumption causes a happy and refreshing state in humans and relieves stress.

persian blue salt rock

Persian blue salt rock

Blue salt rock is one of the types of salt that is extracted in Garmsar city and blue salt has not been seen anywhere in the world except Iran and the presence of blue salt rock in Garmsar is a wonder in the world.

persian blue salt rock

Since traces of blue salt rock are found in salt mines, this has reduced the tonnage of blue salt extraction and made it less than ordinary rocks. In this regard, since blue salt is scarce, it has caused high selling prices in the global market.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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