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blue rock salt

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Blue salt is one of the types of salts available in special salt mines in Iran, which has a high reputation and value in the world markets. This salt, internationally known as Persian blue salt, is one of the rarest and most unique natural products of Iran. This salt has blue crystals and is found only in Iran and in the Garmsar region. Blue salt is bought at high prices in food stores worldwide. This salt is known in the world for having special mineral elements such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. But what are the properties of this salt and what are the benefits of using it for our health. We will examine these issues further.

blue rock salt

Why does salt turn blue?

Maybe many of us have not heard the name of this unique Iranian salt. But this type of salt is one of the rare and special types of salt in the world, which has many fans. But why is this salt so special? What is the reason for the natural blue color in the crystals of this salt? Blue salt is an ancient salt that has roots dating back thousands of years.

This salt in stunning blue and aquamarine colors is found in the salt mines of Garmsar city in Semnan province. The original model of this salt is found only in Iran and in the mines of this city. Blue salt has a special taste and is one of the most useful salts in the world due to its mineral content. Iranian blue salt originates from ancient salt ponds. Over time, these salt ponds have turned into special blue salt.

This model of salt is the rarest and oldest salt on the planet, and its ponds are of amazing historical significance. These salt ponds were formed more than 100 million years ago and are not actually ponds anymore. Rather, fossilized salt crystals are left behind by the evaporation of water.

The specific blue color of this model of salt originates from a mineral called “sylvinite”. This color is caused by a type of potassium compound that is only found in ancient salts. The occurrence of blue-violet color of this model of salt is formed during the formation of the crystal structure of the salt. Over the centuries, as a result of pressure exerted on the layers of the earth, blue-colored salt deposits are created.

As a result of this pressure, individual salt crystals refract light and create an optical illusion. This makes the salt appear bright blue. Blue salt is rich in nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and iron. Due to the rarity of this salt and its limited production, it is possible to buy blue salt today at high prices.

blue rock salt

Introducing the properties of blue salt

Buying blue salt is one of the best options among all types of salt around the world. This salt is less harmful than other types of salt and due to the presence of some minerals, it also has properties for our body. Blue salt is rich in elements such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and iron. In the following, we will learn more about the properties of blue salt:

  • Potassium element and heart strengthening

Blue salt is rich in potassium and due to the presence of this element, it can be beneficial for the health of the human cardiovascular system. This element is also useful for the blood circulation system and is used to reduce nervous pressure in the body. Studies by doctors have also shown that potassium also has good effects in keeping blood pressure low in patients with this disease. Studies have shown that more potassium can help to eliminate excess sodium in the body and reduce it. Sodium is a substance in table salt that causes deposits in the veins and blood pressure. Potassium is also beneficial in improving the function of our muscles and tendons.

  • Reduce respiratory problems

One of the important functions of this salt is to increase the smell in the respiratory system in humans. Studies conducted in the American Lung Association have shown that the use of water salt in certain rooms is effective in improving various respiratory diseases such as asthma. People suffering from these problems breathe for an hour in rooms where there are a lot of crystals of this salt, and this work has had good effects in improving their disease.

  • Calcium and stronger teeth and bones

Another benefit of this salt is having a high amount of calcium. As you know, this mineral is essential in the strength and growth of bones and teeth at different ages in our body.

blue rock salt

  • Magnesium and countless benefits

It may be hard for many to believe, but buying blue salt and consuming it instead of regular salt can supply many of our body’s minerals. One of these solutes is magnesium. This element is effective in strengthening the body’s immune system, muscle system and increasing bone density. Water salt, which is rich in this substance, can also be useful in reducing anxiety and depression and cardiovascular health.

  • Iron in aqueous salt

Another benefit of using blue salt is that it contains iron. This element has many benefits and its deficiency is especially noticeable in women of reproductive age. Iron in this type of salt prevents excessive fatigue, heart palpitations, headache, dizziness and lack of concentration.

  • Disinfectant effect in aqueous salt

This salt is considered a strong anti-bacterial and anti-microbial substance due to its structure and ingredients. A solution of water and blue salt is a disinfectant solution that is very useful for eliminating bacteria in the mouth. This salt is also effective in treating sore throat. Using a small amount of this salt before and after meals can disinfect the mouth, which has an accumulation of microbes.

blue rock salt

Where is the blue salt mine?

Blue salt is produced exclusively and only in Iran. All water salts that are sold all over the world and are original, have been exported from Iran. This has caused this salt to be known as Iran’s blue salt in the world markets. But where is the mine of this salt rock located in Iran?

The production and supply of this salt is very limited and is done only in Semnan province and in salt mines in Gersar. This salt is so special and unique that it is produced only in this place, Garmsar in Semnan province, and exported to the world market. It is said that only 5 tons of this salt per year can be extracted in this mine. Due to the low supply of this product, its price is expensive in the markets and it seems a bit difficult to find it even in Iran.

blue rock salt

Selling blue rock salt in Tehran

Blue rock salt is one of the special and rare salts even in Iran, which produces this product. Many people have not even heard the name of this salt and do not know about its properties and benefits. Due to the fact that the production of this salt is very small and limited, some profiteers may sell the fake type of this product. It may be very difficult or even impossible for many people to distinguish the fake from the original. According to these points, the purchase of blue salt should be done from reliable centers and direct supply stores.

blue rock salt

How to use blue salt?

Blue salt is one of the best types of salts that you can use for various purposes. Chefs and taste experts in the world say that in addition to the very good properties of this salt, its taste experience is also special and unique. Many people use this salt both for cooking and as a food decoration. This salt is used in these cases in the world:

blue rock salt

Buy blue salt and use in cooking

The charm of Iranian blue salt goes beyond its seductive blue color. This Iranian salt has the potential to increase the taste of food with its unique taste. The crispness of this salt, its delicate taste, and the high mineral content of Iranian blue salt can add a subtle yet distinct taste to foods. The important use of this salt, especially in European luxury restaurants, is to season seafood.

This salt is even used to strengthen the sweet taste in many desserts. From sweet delicacies such as caramel and chocolate to other desserts, this salt is used. Blue salt is also used for grilled meat.

  • food decoration

Another use and reason for buying blue salt is to decorate food. After cooking, you can grind a small amount of this salt on a variety of salads, seafood or cooked steak. This salt gives both a good taste and an attractive and bright effect to the food.

  • Therapeutic properties

Due to the presence of salts and useful minerals, this salt can be used as medicine or as a substitute for normal salts, especially for people with high blood pressure. In certain cases, this salt is also prescribed for patients with depression along with other treatments.

blue rock salt

What is the difference between blue and pink salt?

Iranian blue salt and pink salt are both unique types of salt. Both these salts have distinct properties and separate health benefits. In the following, we examine some of the differences between these two salt models:

  • Origin and appearance

Iranian blue salt is a rare salt extracted from ancient salt deposits and characterized by its blue appearance. In contrast, Himalayan pink salt is produced from salt mines in the Himalayan region and mostly in Pakistan. The color of this salt is pink due to the presence of iron oxide. While the blue color in Iranian blue salt is related to potassium.

  • Mineral content

The mineral composition of blue salt contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. But Himalayan pink salt is composed of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.

  • Taste and use

Blue salt has a unique flavor that goes well with desserts like caramel and chocolate and fresh seafood. Pink salt has a milder taste compared to regular salt and can be used to season all kinds of salty and sweet foods.

blue rock salt

Is Himalayan blue salt real?

Blue salt is found only in Iran and Semnan mines, and other blue salts that are even sold under the name of Himalaya are fake.

The price of blue and pink salt

Both pink and blue salt are more expensive than regular salt. Pink salt, however, is much cheaper than blue salt due to more production. Blue salt is the most expensive and rare salt in the world.

  • final word

blue rock salt

Buying blue salt will help you live a healthier life and do less damage to your body from salt consumption. Of course, note that sodium in this salt is high and you should not overdo it.

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