Wholesale and retail of crystal Iran blue rock salt

blue rock salt

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Wholesale and small purchase of crystal blue salt rock, crystal blue salt rock is available in very colorful, medium and normal samples, wholesale and retail sale of blue salt rock is possible in small quantities.

Blue rock salt is another name for table salt and in the world this salt is known as Persian blue salt. Blue salt contains many minerals and has blue streaks due to weather conditions. The following are some examples of minerals that are present in this rock salt:

  • potassium
  • The silhouette
  • are
  • Calcium

The blue rock salt has turned blue completely naturally, no chemical process has been used to change the color of the rock salt. However, profiteers dye the salt crystals using chemical dyes and sell them as blue salt. But there are ways to distinguish original blue salt from fake:

  • Blue salt rock crystals should have blue streaks inside.
  • If you buy crushed salt, the salt grains are no longer blue.
  • Blue salt is never completely blue, the grains of this salt only have blue streaks inside.

blue rock salt

How to use blue salt

Blue rock salt is mostly used to flavor foods. Usually, this type of salt is provided to people in refined or powdered form and is used in various foods as ordinary salt. Blue salt crystals have a special aroma and taste, so they can be the best choice for cooking and making food more delicious.

The properties of blue salt are not limited to flavoring food, the potassium in the crystals of this salt guarantee heart health. Also, in the cases we mention, they can help you have a fresh body and restore your health:

  • Regulation of body metabolism
  • Has antibiotic properties
  • Calms and reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increase the immune system
  • Improve the breathing process
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Improve blood pressure

blue rock salt

Where is the blue salt mine?

You can extract blue salt rock in the two cities of Garmsar and Semnan and exploit it. Any rock salt that is exported as blue salt from Iran is extracted from the city of Semnan or Garmsar. The rock salt extracted from Semnan city is not crystalline and is prepared as sugar, so this type of salt is not used for food purposes.

Garmsar blue salt rock, unlike Semnan blue salt, has a crystalline state and contains a lot of potassium. The use of Garmsar blue salt provides a great sense of health and vitality, and also gives a unique taste to food when it is used in cooking.

blue rock salt

Iran blue rock salt export market

The price of blue salt is somewhat high considering the salt export market in Iran. Blue salt rock has a high price due to the low rate of salt extraction, and we are facing a lot of demand for the export of this type of salt. Most buyers of blue salt are from Western Europe, and North American countries are also particularly interested in this type of rock salt.

blue rock salt

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