Semnan blue rock salt sales center for export

blue rock salt

Semnan blue salt rock sales center for export, it is possible to send samples in quantities of less than 10 kg throughout the country, for export of blue salt rock to Germany and Italy.

Where is the blue rock salt mine?

One of the most well-known salts in the world is Garmsar blue salt and also Persian blue salt is its international name.

In Western European countries, the knowledge and use of blue salt rock is more common and Iranians have become much more familiar with it in recent years, but despite the fact that there is a blue salt rock mine in Iran, many people are unaware of its existence.

blue rock salt

Familiarity with blue salt rock

From the beating of the blue salt rock, Garmsar blue salt is formed, which is white after beating, but small blue dots can be seen in it, and also this causes the blue salt rock of Semnan’s original to be distinguished from the counterfeit.

For 150 years, salt extraction from rock mines has become much easier with tools and machinery, and its presence in the market has increased, so the amount of salt extraction has exceeded the demand of customers and thus has faced a drop in price.

Of course, blue salt rock is an exception to this rule because it always has a very high price due to its very small amount and many fans.



blue rock salt

Properties of blue salt

There is a lot of talk about the medicinal properties of blue salt rock, among which it should be noted that its most important effect is to reduce stress, which is unrivaled in this field.

Of course, blue salt should be consumed with food, and this is something that is done in European countries, and Iranian blue salt rock is offered at very high prices.

The very pleasant taste of blue salt for people and on the other hand to get rid of grief and stress has made this salt known as Eastern sapphire.

blue rock salt

Export of ‌Semnan blue rock salt

Blue gem or Semnan blue salt rock, which is found only in Semnan province, most of it is exported because due to lack of knowledge in the country and on the other hand, the very high price is almost not bought inside.

It is interesting to know that European countries were the first to get acquainted with blue salt rock and now they are the largest consumers of this natural substance in the world.

blue rock salt

Halito rock salt company is the largest supplier of blue salt rock in Iran.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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