Sell Persian blue rock salt Very rare

blue rock salt

Sell Persian blue rock salt Very rare, Export to Germany and Italy, delivery at destination, Limited  inventory, Direct shipping from Garmsar salt mine.

Types of color rock salt

For many it is interesting that salt rock has a variety of colors. Blue salt is one of the many colored salts that has many properties and benefits and the market for it is very hot.

The colors of the salt rock depend on their mining and usually the salt rocks have different properties depending on their mines.

Types of rock salt colors are:

  • black color
  • blue color
  • Pink color
  • White color
  • yellow color

As mentioned above, depending on the type of mine and its mineral structure, the colors of the rock salt are different.
And each has different properties and benefits. In the following article you will get acquainted with blue rock salt and buy blue salt rock completely.

blue rock salt

Why the salt turns blue?

Many times people ask the question, why is blue salt rock blue? What is the main ingredient in it?

Blue salt has turned blue due to its high potassium content Potassium is a scarce material and the main reason for this type of salt rock being scarce, Because of the limitation of potassium mines.

On the other hand, the light breakdown that occurs after the salt stone is placed in the light It causes the salt to appear blue.

blue rock salt



Market of ​​blue salt in the world

Blue rock salt is one of the wonders of nature and it has gained a lot of fans in recent years.

These days it is very difficult to buy blue rock salt and less can be found where they have this rock salt for supply and sell.



An interesting point to know is not without grace, this is the only source of this type of stone in Iran.

This type of rock is one of the most beautiful and used medicinal stones in the world that can be extracted only in Iran and Garmsar.

blue rock salt

Unfortunately, Pakistan has tried to buy the international market for this product like other salts by purchasing Iranian blue salt and selling it as Pakistani salt, but international traders all know that the main origin Blue rock salt is the only country in Iran.

Usually all people know salt only in white as mentioned above, usually due to the minerals in the mines, The color of the salt also changes and turns to yellow, black, pink, blue, etc.

blue rock salt

Most large buyers blue rock salt in Europe

In the global markets and especially in Western Europe and North America persian blue salt is sold as a luxury item.

The pleasant taste that this salt gives to the food and on the one hand the peace that comes after consuming blue salt it has made rich people always eat their own salt instead of white salt use this salt.

Blue salt in addition to sodium contains large amounts of potassium that doubles the enjoyment of food and brings joy and happiness.

blue rock salt

difference between crystal blue rock salt and shekri blue rock salt

There is a very important point when buying blue rock salt and whether the blue rock salt you are about to buy Is it Crystal or shekari ?!

The major difference between these two rocks depends on their minerals,  Garmsar blue crystals is crystalline line, but Semnan blue is Shekari.

blue rock salt

For sale blue rock salt in world markets Crystallinity is very important because all of the amazing properties about blue salt are related to tropical blue rock.

Blue rock salt price

The pure blue rock salt sells for $ 25 per kilo, all orders can be shipped worldwide, contact us for a unique blue rock salt.

This salt is sold in Europe for more than $ 210 and has a great export value and almost all of the profits go to the european buyers.

blue rock salt

Benefits of persian blue salt

Usually buying blue salt is more because of its unique properties than its beauty above we mentioned high potassium in blue rock salt.

As you probably know, potassium has a profound effect on vitality, health, and stress and anxiety reduction.

Blue salt is a well-known product in European and North American countries buying blue rock salt and its use in these areas is well known.

blue rock salt

It is interesting to know, blue Salt in European Deluxe Restaurants as a Flavor and Option Routine and the price of this kind of rock salt in Europe and America it is extremely high because of its importation.

Persian blue salt for sale

The main mines are blue salt around the city of Garmsar This is why some people refer to it as Garmsar blue salt.

blue rock salt

Halito rock Salt company as the largest supplier of blue salt in Iran, It always has blue salt for sale.

Source: Halito rock salt company

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