Iran blue salt for export market

Iran blue salt

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What is blue salt and what are its properties?

The blue salt of Iran, which is known globally as the blue salt of Persia, is actually the same edible salt. In other countries, Iran’s blue salt may be known as Nile salt, True Blue Rock, and Sapphire salt. Blue salt is one of the oldest and rare salts in the world, which is located in the heart of the mountains of our country. It is interesting to know that this substance, which is rare in the whole world, is extracted only in Semnan province and mainly in Garmsar city.

Iranian blue salt has many properties and uses. This salt is one of the best foods in terms of taste. It also has potassium above 13%, which has doubled its flavor. This Iranian salt is rich in potassium and ensures heart health because the presence of sufficient potassium is necessary to strengthen the heart. Other properties of this salt include the presence of calcium and magnesium in its elements. Regulation of blood pressure, regulation of sleep, disinfection and antibacterial, relief of acute respiratory problems, anti-stress and depression, useful for oral and dental problems, increasing body immunity, helping digestion, has an uplifting substance and regulating body balance among other properties. There are many of these salts.

Iran blue salt

Premium blue rock salt

The blue salt of Iran is actually a fossil or a rare salt gem whose crystals were formed millions of years ago. The reason for the formation of this salt is that the waters of lakes and inland seas have evaporated. This salt may have been formed due to volcanic eruptions, asteroid impacts, or retreating oceans during the extinction of the dinosaurs. The color of the blue salt crystal is the result of the refraction of light in the salt crystals. The reason for this refraction of light is the pressures that were formed with it millions of years ago.

The blue color of Iranian salt is due to the presence of sylvinite, which is a potassium mineral found only in natural salt rocks. Of course, their color is usually pink and blue color is rare in these salts.

Iran blue salt

Iran blue salt export

Iranian blue salt has many fans in different countries, including American and European countries. Contrary to the fact that this salt is very popular in the world and has a lot of customers, but it is not known in our country. Unfortunately, like many other export products, blue salt is not distributed abroad with Iranian packaging and branding. This product is mainly sold in the markets of other countries with the packaging of Turkish and Polish countries.

Iran blue salt

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