Iran blue salt export minimum order 300 kg

Iran blue salt

Iran blue salt export minimum order 300 kg, Where to buy Persian Blue Salt, Persian blue salt wholesale, blue rock salt supplier.

Garmsar blue salt export At least 300 kg, we deliver crystal blue rock salt to you anywhere in the world, Halito rock salt collection is the largest supplier and exporter of blue salt rock, to buy from Garmsar blue salt mine.

What is Blue Rock salt?

Iran blue salt is one of the best quality consumer and edible salts that is obtained in Garmsar city by extracting salt rocks from various mines. This salt model is different from all salts obtained by extracting lakes and The reason for the obvious difference of this salt is how it is extracted and produced through jewelry fossils and blue salt rock crystals.

Blue salt, also known as sapphire, is often formed by the evaporation of water from the seas and lakes of the mountain itself, and is found only in halite salts.

Garmsar blue salt is one of the rarest and rarest salts extracted, which has desirable advantages and properties due to its type and quality.

Iran blue salt

Properties of Iran blue salt

  1. Blue salt is the same as table salt, which is rich in certain minerals such as silvio, iron, calcium and potassium.
  2. Minerals enriched in blue salt have made this product very successful in disinfection and antibacterial.
  3. Other properties of this table salt include regulating blood pressure and regulating the body’s balance, which can be used in meals and enjoy these benefits.
  4. Some people suffer from diseases such as digestive problems and digestion, which consumption and use of this salt can be an easy and therapeutic method in this regard.
  5. Blue salt with its organic and mineral substances can be used in areas such as respiratory problems, strengthening the immune system and a good option for oral health.
  6. Iron and zinc in blue salt can be a good treatment option for iron deficiency and anemia, which has been able to minimize the use of chemical drugs.

Iran blue salt

Persian blue salt wholesale

Therapeutic benefits of Persian blue salt have led to the extraction and preparation of this product from the heart of salt mines in Garmsar region. This salt is mainly extracted daily and marketed during experiments, one of the reputable centers for selling blue salt Garmsar is a Halito rock salt complex that has been selling and exporting blue salt rock for many years.

Iran blue salt

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Source: Halito rock salt company

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