Export of Persian blue salt to Holland

persian blue salt

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What is blue salt?

Today, salts are extracted in different shapes and colors. Blue salt is a type of mineral salt. This salt has many fans due to the presence of a large amount of minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium, as well as its different appearance. Garmsar blue salt is one of the rarest rock salts in the world. so that every year only a few tons of this type of salt are extracted in the mines. The presence of high amounts of calcium, potassium and iron in Garmsar blue salt has made this type of salt have the following benefits for the body:

  • It is disinfectant and antibacterial
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • It is effective in oral and dental health
  • Increases body immunity
  • Eliminates some respiratory problems
  • It makes food easier to digest
  • Regulates sleep
  • It prevents muscle spasms

persian blue salt

Blue salt mine in Iran

Iranian blue salt is extracted as rock salt. There are blue salt mines in different cities of Iran. However, the largest amount of water salt has been extracted from Garmsar city and Semnan province. Therefore, these two points can be referred to as the poles for extracting blue salt rock. So that the blue salt rock that is extracted from these mines,

It has the ability to export to different countries. One of the characteristics of Garmsar blue salt is its sugar state. It is interesting to know that crystalline rock salt is used for food and sugar rock salt is used for other purposes. For this reason, Garmsar blue salt is used for non-edible purposes.

Buy Persian blue salt

As we mentioned, blue salt is one of the rarest and most valuable minerals on the planet, which is also known as ruby ​​salt or Persian salt. The method used to extract this rock salt is the same method that miners use to dig for gold. The mine of this unique salt

It is in Semnan province. Garmsar blue salt is among the goods that are exported to different countries of the world.

persian blue salt

The unique features of this salt have made it popular all over the world. For more information about Garmsar blue salt and to buy this product, you can contact our experts.

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