Decor rock salt factory and blue salt mine

blue salt

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Rock salt is one of the materials that has special properties and characteristics and is used in various cases. You can buy your desired rock salt from the rock salt store. The rock salt store in Tehran is trying to get the satisfaction of its customers by offering the best rock salt. Before buying, make sure the authenticity of the Sang Namak store in order to buy a high-quality product.

blue salt

What are the properties of blue original rock salt?

One of the rarest Iranian salts in the world is the original blue salt. Blue original rock salt is extracted only from Semnan mountains in Garmsar city. The process of extracting blue rock salt is difficult, this material contains the most natural and useful mineral salts. The refraction of light in blue salt crystals makes it look beautiful.

Blue original rock salt has a sharp taste and mild smell, these properties make its taste more pleasant and desirable compared to other salts. You can use this salt in a variety of foods, including meat, fish, and various drinks. To make it taste better, the best time to add water salt to the food is before serving it.

blue salt

Where to put rock salt in the house?

You can use rock salt to season food and keep it in the kitchen. In order to avoid damage to this precious salt, the best place to store it is in jars with lids. Cap the lids of the jars well and close them tightly, it is better to store this substance in a dry, dark and cool place so that its taste does not disappear and its quality does not decrease. Do not put salt near the gas stove and the place where you cook, the moisture will destroy its quality.

blue salt

Blue salt in Iran

Blue salt rock is extracted only from Semnan mountains in Garmsar, but it is sold in various stores. The salt store in Tehran also tries to maintain its reputation among customers by offering the best salt.

blue salt

To buy quality rock salt, keep the information in this article in mind and try to get your rock salt from reputable stores.

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